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Phantasy Star III – Generations of Doom

And now we’ve come to the black sheep of the family. Many volumes of vitriol has been written about the missteps Sega took with Phantasy Star III, most of it tr...[Read More]

Dragon Spirit – the New Legend

I’ve always liked Dragon Spirit.  As one of the first arcade machines that I put a lot of time in its left an indelible impression on me.  But I don’t hold it i...[Read More]

Globally brand cooperative channels

Rapidiously recaptiualize cross-unit initiatives and enterprise-wide resources. Proactively pontificate accurate convergence without next-generation e-services....[Read More]

Snow Bros.

Any dedicated shooter fan probably knows the name Toaplan.  Even during the 8 and 16-bit when information about the developers of games wasn’t too common I noti...[Read More]

Contra Hard Corps

This should have been the ultimate Contra experience.  In many ways it still is.  But god damn it, if it were not for one stupid change this would undoubtedly b...[Read More]

Psychic Storm

Psychic Storm was a game I bought blindly years ago after only seeing a few sparse screenshots and thinking the name was cool. Once upon a time I had more money...[Read More]

Dragon View

Drakkhen was the first SNES RPG I had the misfortune of experiencing.  As a PC game ported to console it was certainly unique but its interface and gameplay wer...[Read More]


Any fan of NES shooters is undoubtedly familiar with Life Force. As the sequel to Gradius we all thought the game was excellent, building on what we loved about...[Read More]

Legend of Kage

Remember those old ninja movies from the 80s?  Or if you’re part of the younger set Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?  Remember how awesome it looked when the nin...[Read More]

Rapid Reload

At what point does a clone cross the line? While the industry is more or less built on the back of clones, it’s a shame when a game very callously follows in th...[Read More]

Link Post Format

Distinctively redefine long-term high-impact content for market positioning mindshare. Progressively pursue interactive benefits vis-a-vis user-centric networks...[Read More]

Android Assault

Next to the Saturn and Turbo Duo I wish the Sega CD had found some measure of success in the US. By 1995 the system had managed to build up a respectable amount...[Read More]

Shadowrun (SNES)

With two Kickstarter funded Shadowrun games in the works all I can say is “What took so long?”  Of all the properties that have sat languishing in licensing hel...[Read More]

Psycho Dream

When Sega bought publisher Renovation they inadvertently screwed many SNES gamers out of some pretty cool imports. Arcus Odyssey was cancelled (but the full gam...[Read More]

Dragon Force

I wasn’t always a fan of strategy games, I‘ll freely admit to that.  I was raised in a simpler time where big dumb action movies starring Sly and Schwarzenegger...[Read More]

Splatterhouse 3

Now this is more like it!  After the mediocrity of Splatterhouse 2 I don’t think anyone really expected much from part 3.  Kudos to Namco for going above and be...[Read More]

Tiny Toon Adventures

For the publishers that hung in there toward the end of the NES life it might as well have been a license to print money.  With an audience in the millions and ...[Read More]

8 Eyes

You know for some strange reason I really wanted to play 8 Eyes.   Fresh off the Guardian Legend (awesome game go play it now) I saw an advertisement for it in ...[Read More]

Mega Man 6

The final installment in the series for NES, Mega Man 6 oddly enough was released well after everyone else had moved on from publishing 8-bit games.  This inclu...[Read More]

3-D World Runner

To be frank I don’t know if I actually like 3-D World Runner or hate its guts.  It’s that divisive.  In the time before Final Fantasy Square tried their hand at...[Read More]

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