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Fist of the North Star

Anyone who is a fan of anime knows that there has been a severe lack of manly anime (henceforth called manime) in the last decade or so.  It’s been a rough road...[Read More]

Saint Sword

Growing up I loved fantasy movies like Willow and the Never Ending Story.  This fetish for the material fostered an interest in hack and slash action games like...[Read More]


Remember when old video game magazines would have numerous screenshots of cut scenes?  These were never labeled as such and often times would be mistaken for ac...[Read More]

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

There were many licensed games for the NES, some from pretty obvious video game fodder like Batman and others that even I question why they bothered such as Hom...[Read More]

Space Harrier 2

I loves me some Space Harrier 2.  As an original launch title for the Sega Genesis Space Harrier 2 might have been the best of the bunch.  Well, that’s not exac...[Read More]

Final Fight

It’s not a stretch to say that Final Fight did to the arcade beat em up what Street Fighter 2 did for fighting games.  It was electrifying.  There had been plen...[Read More]

Isolated Warrior

Isolated Warrior?  Join the club buddy.  Literally every video game hero is sent on a one man mission to fight the forces of evil.  Your emo tears will have to ...[Read More]

Parasite Eve

For the longest time Square games were some of the best rpgs you could find on both sides of the Pacific.   They released far fewer games in the US than Japan b...[Read More]

Cannon Spike

Who doesn’t love fan service?  I’m not talking about the cheap and oftentimes pedo bait that permeates most anime nowadays.  I’m talking about the likes of Supe...[Read More]

Krion Conquest

Krion Conquest is one of the most blatant rip-offs you’ll more than likely ever come across.  That’s a strong statement but one only has to take a cursory glanc...[Read More]

Lost Kingdoms

These days From Software are mostly known for the Dark Souls series of games as well as an endless parade of Armored Core sequels and expansions. However before...[Read More]


When you have a genre that is as saturated as shooters on a console it is only a matter of time before the games start to blend together. I like a good outer sp...[Read More]

Maken X

Years before Metroid Prime came along and coined the phrase “first person adventure” Maken X fell into that category.  The Shin Megami Tensei has been one of th...[Read More]


In the 80s’s the Friday the 13th series of movies were all the rage.  For Christ sake, it starred a serial killer with a hockey mask, even if you were terrified...[Read More]

Castlevania Bloodlines

It’s strange that Konami was one of the last major publishers to come to the Genesis.  While most third parties did not hesitate to run screaming from Nintendo’...[Read More]

Gundam the Battle Master

In Japan Gundam is an institution.  Bandai has set up an entire cottage industry of goods based around the franchise that caters to all needs and hobbies includ...[Read More]

Ninja Crusaders

Words can’t describe how much I loved Ninja Gaiden growing up. Until the Revenge of Shinobi it was the quintessential ninja game in my opinion and so any game t...[Read More]

Alien vs. Predator

Robocop vs. Terminator.  Freddy vs. Jason.  These things go together like Chocolate and Peanut Butter.  All of these smashups not only seemed like good ideas bu...[Read More]

Review Scores

You’ve asked for them and now they’re here!  I’ll be going back and adding a score to every review and hopefully by the end of the week I̵...[Read More]

Chameleon Twist

To a legion of gamers the analogue stick has always been the preferred method of control in video games.  To them it always existed.  But that isn’t the case.  ...[Read More]

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