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Metal Storm

Now here’s an oldie I bet very few have heard about let alone played.  I first became aware of Metal Storm around 1994 or so.  I had been big into collecting vi...[Read More]

Alien vs. Predator

Robocop vs. Terminator.  Freddy vs. Jason.  These things go together like Chocolate and Peanut Butter.  All of these smashups not only seemed like good ideas bu...[Read More]

U.N. Squadron

There sure were a lot of shooters in the first year of the SNES’ life.  I realize it was the hot genre at the time but even taking that into consideration, god ...[Read More]

Pirates of Dark Water (Genesis)

Now here’s a cartoon that I had all but forgotten about.  The pirates of Dark Water was an intriguing opus in a unique world that was a bit darker than other ch...[Read More]

Burai Fighter

  How many of you remember Taxan?  This little known publisher during the NES era released a number of gems for the system, like Low G Man (my first review...[Read More]


The 16-bit generation certainly didn’t need another mascot platformer but any game that at least tried to do something different was appreciated. Plok is a litt...[Read More]

Splatterhouse 2

Now here is a case of a game not living up to my fond memories.  The original Splatterhouse received a lot of attention for its gore and violence even despite i...[Read More]


It’s funny but the SNES never had its Shinobi counterpart.  There were numerous Ninja games to be sure, such as the Ninja Warriors or Legend of the Mystical Nin...[Read More]


As much as I’ve had a good laugh publicly shaming the terrible licensed games of the past occasionally there is one that hits a little close to home and Predato...[Read More]

Demon’s Crest

It’s always a shame when an outstanding game goes completely under the radar.  We would like to believe if a game is good enough it will find an audience.  This...[Read More]


Halo hit the industry pretty hard in 2001 and is largely responsible for sparking the console first person shooter market along with Goldeneye.  It also legitim...[Read More]

This week

Coming up this week are Gunstar Heroes, Sunset Riders, and Metal Storm.  One is a 16-bit classic, one is an awesome arcade game that had a pretty damn good home...[Read More]

Streets of Rage

When Final Fight hit arcades it hit big.  The beat em up genre existed long before it but Final Fight dragged it kicking and screaming into the modern age.  Ren...[Read More]

Bubble Bobble

With the advent of games like Pitfall and Super Mario Brothers the days of the single screen platformer were numbered.  Popular at a point in time where console...[Read More]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Tournament Fighters (Genesis)

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!  At least in the mid 90s they were.  From big publishers to small, everyone wanted a piece of the fighting game pie.  While some...[Read More]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: the Manhattan Project

TMNT III will always have a special place in my heart.  You see, the February 1992 issue of Gamepro is the very first gaming magazine I ever bought and this gam...[Read More]

Streets of Rage 2

It isn’t very often that a sequel makes such a dramatic leap in quality over its predecessor.  Super Mario Brothers 3 stands as one of the greatest examples of ...[Read More]

Legend of Kage

Remember those old ninja movies from the 80s?  Or if you’re part of the younger set Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?  Remember how awesome it looked when the nin...[Read More]

Crystal Beans from Dungeon Explorer

The SNES and Genesis shared many multiplatform games both stateside and abroad yet that wasn’t the case with the Turbo Grafx. The system’s shooter library share...[Read More]

Crusader of Centy

While RPGs were not as plentiful on the Genesis the ones it did receive were generally excellent. Everyone is aware of Phantasy Star and the Shining series but ...[Read More]

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