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Dragon View

Drakkhen was the first SNES RPG I had the misfortune of experiencing.  As a PC game ported to console it was certainly unique but its interface and gameplay wer...[Read More]

RETRO magazine

I just found out about a kickstarter fans of this site and retro videogames in general might be interested in.  RETRO magazine aims to be a digital and print pu...[Read More]


Jesus what a terrible game.  Shinobi in the arcade was hugely popular and one of Sega’s biggest quarter crunchers of the time.  The original arcade game was mar...[Read More]

The Adventures of Bayou Billy

The Adventures of Bayou Billy should have been a great game. And in fact it is in its original Japanese form as Mad City. But someone decided to screw with the ...[Read More]

Rival Turf

  Well what do we have here?  The Rival Turf trilogy of games overall were pretty decent.  While they didn’t reinvent the genre they still provided awesome...[Read More]

the Firemen

Years before Sega would bless the world with Burning Rangers and Brave Firefighters the SNES was gifted with a pair of really awesome games about firefighting. ...[Read More]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: the Arcade Game

    After the crushing disappointment of the first Ninja Turtles game for NES Konami had to make it up to gamer’s big time.  What made it even worse: ...[Read More]

Jet Grind Radio

For the latter half of the 90s the gaming industry had become accustomed to referring to Sega as the old washed up boxer of the industry.  Falling far from thei...[Read More]

Double Dragon

For anyone that has played a game by Technos Japan their style is unmistakable.  From the graphics and art style used to the sound programming you can instantly...[Read More]

Ninja Spirit

The NES had Ninja Gaiden, the Genesis had the Shinobi series, it’s only right that the Turbo-Grafx get in on that ninja action as well.  Ninjas were all the rag...[Read More]

Eternal Champions

When Street Fighter 2 was successfully ported to the SNES in 1992 it was a phenomenon that is rarely seen in the industry.  This was the hottest arcade game of ...[Read More]

Sonic the Hedgehog

The videogame graveyard is littered with the bodies of failed mascots from publishers past who tried to get a piece of that sweet Mario platforming pie.  In the...[Read More]

Die Hard Arcade

The 32-bit generation saw a renaissance within many genres as they moved to 3d, most specifically sports, racing, and 3d platformers. But it also many take a st...[Read More]

Mega Man

It shouldn’t have happened.  He shouldn’t have been popular.  Oh I don’t mean because the game sucks, far from it.  I’m talking about the giant elephant in the ...[Read More]

Jewel Master

This is a classic case of don’t judge a book by its cover.  I’m not talking about the box art so much, although it does nothing to entice you into playing the g...[Read More]

Totally Rad

1991-92 were truly epic years in the NES’s life.  At that point the hardware had been on the market for 6 years in the US (8 in Japan) meaning developers were s...[Read More]

Don Doko Don

You know I’ve never stopped to really examine just how much I really like single screen platformers. In my mind it is easy to dismiss the “genre” since I got mo...[Read More]

Video Post Format

Intrinsicly aggregate visionary applications after scalable niches. Objectively brand unique action items for timely ideas. Uniquely evolve intermandated qualit...[Read More]


Nowadays I have little interest in military shooters but growing up I couldn’t get enough of it. Commando, Contra, GI Joe, I loved that shit. Cabal was fairly i...[Read More]

Art of Fighting

At the time of SNK’s fighting game renaissance Art of Fighting was one of its most unique series and next to World Heroes less popular.  As the next game to fol...[Read More]

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