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Cobra Triangle

You know secretly I think Rare hated all gamers in the 80s.  They created so many classic NES games during that period (the actual number of games they made is ...[Read More]

Rad Racer

Christmas 1987 stands out for a number of reasons for me personally because I distinctly remember receiving numerous games as presents that year.  Kid Niki and ...[Read More]


We should have received Terranigma in America. The localization was complete however Enix had already closed their US office, thanks in no small part to their o...[Read More]

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

  In 1994 Capcom were on a roll with the X-Men license.  The arcade was graced with X-Men: Children of the Atom while the home market had this little gem. ...[Read More]

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I’m pretty sure no one thought Psygnosis would be Sony’s ace in the hole when they made the leap to console manufacturer.  Not to downplay the many great games ...[Read More]

Neugier/The Journey Home

I remember wanting to play the Journey Home so bad but fate decided it was not meant to be.  An interesting bit of history behind this game.  Once scheduled for...[Read More]

the Karate Kid

Ugh what an awful fucking game.  This happened to be released pretty early on in the NES life, before kids around the world knew that movie licensed games sucke...[Read More]

Vice: Project Doom

On a system with as many classics as the NES it’s only natural that some games will slip through the cracks.  Whether it’s a lack of marketing, low print run, o...[Read More]


There have been a ton of bad licensed video games and Rambo counts as one of the absolute worst. Even back in the day I distinctly remember my family going into...[Read More]

Hello world!

Welcome to Retro Game Age, your soon to be home for retro game discussion.  Join me on a trip down memory lane as I revisit classic and not so classic games and...[Read More]

Wipeout 64

Well this was certainly unexpected.  Psygnosis were the jewel in Sony’s development cap and the key to gaining them respectability as a console manufacturer.  L...[Read More]

G.I. Joe

For some strange reason I avoided the G.I. Joe NES game back in the day.  There might be a few reasons why of course; licensed videogames were hit and miss in t...[Read More]

R.C. Pro Am II

There were many late NES titles that went overlooked as the SNES took the spotlight, some of them classics, some technically brilliant but sorely lacking in gam...[Read More]

Conquest of the Crystal Palace

Whenever we think of the NES the legendary games that carved out the modern gaming landscape we still enjoy come to mind.   Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zeld...[Read More]

Sparkster (SNES)

Konami’s Rocket Knight Adventures was one of the few mascot platformers to truly bring something new to the table back in 1993 and was able to rise above the sh...[Read More]

MRC: Multi Racing Championship

During the Nintendo 64’s first year on the market new releases were incredibly sparse and as such each and every game was scrutinized. It didn’t take a genius t...[Read More]

Wave Race 64

Hype is an inescapable part of the video game industry.  Whether it is a developer extolling the virtues of their latest creation to game journalists struggling...[Read More]

Sonic the Hedgehog Month

It’s that time once again!. For the rest of this month I’ll be examining the Sonic the Hedgehog series up through the Dreamcast. Join me as I explor...[Read More]

Ninja Gaiden II: the Dark Sword of Chaos

It was a strange time in the 8-bit era when it came to release dates.  No one actively kept track, there wasn’t an EB Games aggressively pushing you to preorder...[Read More]

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