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Demon Sword

I was never a fan of the Legend of Kage, not in the arcade and especially not on the NES. The idea of running through the treetops and fighting ninjas and assas...[Read More]

the Firemen

Years before Sega would bless the world with Burning Rangers and Brave Firefighters the SNES was gifted with a pair of really awesome games about firefighting. ...[Read More]

Quickly reconceptualize holistic

Completely foster user friendly technology with B2B applications. Quickly incubate high-payoff leadership skills for one-to-one schemas. Uniquely formulate cros...[Read More]

Pirates of Dark Water (Genesis)

Now here’s a cartoon that I had all but forgotten about.  The pirates of Dark Water was an intriguing opus in a unique world that was a bit darker than other ch...[Read More]

Yoshi’s Story

Absolute crushing disappointment.  That’s the only way I can sum up Yoshi’s Story.  You have to understand: this was the sequel to Yoshi’s Island, one of the gr...[Read More]


I briefly played Truxton in the arcade but had no recollection of it before finally renting it completely by chance. My memories of a fast action game that neve...[Read More]

Golden Axe III

Talk about a day late and a dollar short.  Golden Axe III was released in Japan in 1993 however it was released in the US on the Sega channel in 1995.  I wonder...[Read More]

Summer Carnival ’92 Recca

Wow, that’s all I can say. Prepare to see your NES do things you never thought possible. Recca is the fastest shooter available for the NES and moves with the s...[Read More]

Alien vs. Predator

Robocop vs. Terminator.  Freddy vs. Jason.  These things go together like Chocolate and Peanut Butter.  All of these smashups not only seemed like good ideas bu...[Read More]

Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse

With the close of the 8-bit era all eyes turned to Capcom to see what they would do with their Disney license.  Sunsoft had already moved on and acquired the Lo...[Read More]

Bad Dudes

It’s funny how our minds work.  Nostalgia can cloud our memories and we’ll remember something fondly when in actuality we never liked it to begin with.  In this...[Read More]

Cool Spot

  Once upon a time David Perry was part of an incredible team at Virgin Interactive who were capable of turning any license into gold.  The likes of McDona...[Read More]


In the 80s’s the Friday the 13th series of movies were all the rage.  For Christ sake, it starred a serial killer with a hockey mask, even if you were terrified...[Read More]

Legendary Axe 2

Talk about going as far to the left as possible.  What the hell happened here?  Legendary Axe was one of the few bright spots in the Turbo Grafx-16’s early life...[Read More]

Shining Wisdom

While I love the Shining Force strategy RPGs I have a love/hate relationship with the various attempts made at branching out of that genre.  Shining in the Dark...[Read More]

Exile: Wicked Phenomenon

As flawed as it was I really enjoyed the original Exile.  Once upon a time I was a broke teenager too poor to afford a $400 Turbo CD add-on and so had to settle...[Read More]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: the Manhattan Project

TMNT III will always have a special place in my heart.  You see, the February 1992 issue of Gamepro is the very first gaming magazine I ever bought and this gam...[Read More]

Double Dragon III – the Sacred Stones

Man oh man where do I even begin?  The Double Dragon games have always been enjoyable beat em ups despite the problems each game had.  In some circles it is loo...[Read More]

Alien Crush

Alien Crush is a game that I went into with no expectations and was completely blown away. As one of the few Turbo Grafx-16 owners in my neighborhood let alone ...[Read More]


Halo hit the industry pretty hard in 2001 and is largely responsible for sparking the console first person shooter market along with Goldeneye.  It also legitim...[Read More]

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