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Magic of Scheherezade

Culture Brain was always a strange publisher that no one knew what to make of.  Most active during the NES & SNES era they never quite managed to create an ...[Read More]

Detana!! Twinbee

I love Detana!! Twinbee. Even I can’t believe I just typed those words. For the longest time I abhorred the Twinbee series but that was based solely on my disli...[Read More]

Rolling Thunder 3

Home console sequels to established arcade games were usually disastrous for any number of reasons.  Back in the day arcade cabinets usually housed technology a...[Read More]

Wipeout 64

Well this was certainly unexpected.  Psygnosis were the jewel in Sony’s development cap and the key to gaining them respectability as a console manufacturer.  L...[Read More]

Dynowarz – The Destruction of Spondylus

I was never too fond of Dynowarz growing up.  It isn’t necessarily a bad game like Ikari Warriors II; it just suffers from being bland and uninteresting.  How t...[Read More]

Mega Man X Week

Welcome to another feature special.  This week I’ll be taking a look at the Mega Man X series of games across a number of platforms.  Capcom took their sw...[Read More]

Doom Troopers: Mutant Chronicles

I loved side scrolling action games during the 16-bit era and they were second only to RPGs as my favorite genre. But to an extent the pickings were a bit slim....[Read More]

Isolated Warrior

Isolated Warrior?  Join the club buddy.  Literally every video game hero is sent on a one man mission to fight the forces of evil.  Your emo tears will have to ...[Read More]

Super Metroid

The greatest video game of all time. The best overall Super Nintendo game. Masterpiece. Many are the accolades that Super Metroid has received over the years an...[Read More]

R.C. Pro Am II

There were many late NES titles that went overlooked as the SNES took the spotlight, some of them classics, some technically brilliant but sorely lacking in gam...[Read More]

Super R-Type

  The R-Type series is famous for a number of reasons.  Ball busting difficulty, unique weapons and that infamous alien that adorns the box art doesn’t hur...[Read More]

Rolling Thunder 2

My first experience with the Rolling Thunder series came with the unlicensed port of the first game on the NES.  That black cartridge was weird as hell but the ...[Read More]

Streets of Rage 3

For many Streets of Rage 2 is a perfect beat em up, one that successfully expanded on the foundation laid down by Final Fight. It stole the crown from that vene...[Read More]

Heavy Barrel

For as much as I can’t seem to get into most multiplayer games of any kind nowadays (it’s me, not the games themselves) I really overdosed on them back in the d...[Read More]

Earnest Evans

Ah Earnest Evans you could have been a contender.  In 1991 the Sega Genesis had only just begun its surge in popularity on the back of Sonic the Hedgehog and at...[Read More]


I wonder how many are aware how badly Sega of Japan was trounced overseas during the 16-bit era.  While the Genesis fought neck and neck with the SNES in Americ...[Read More]

Strider (NES)

Strider.  Most people immediately conjure up images of the arcade game from the late 80s or even the character’s more recent appearances in the Marvel vs. Capco...[Read More]

Grind Stormer

During the 16-bit era the shmup seemed to reach the height of its popularity in the west, with releases seemingly every week.   But as with all things its momen...[Read More]


As big as the Gundam craze is in Japan it took nearly 20 years before the mega franchise would hit US shores, meaning there are an army of related video games t...[Read More]

Guerrilla War

Sometimes I wonder where Japanese developers get their inspiration to create certain games.  The NES era was full of downright strange games such as Square’s Ad...[Read More]

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