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Chameleon Twist 2

With Mario 64’s impact on the market we all knew it was only a matter of time before a legion of imitators would follow.  While most were generic trash there a ...[Read More]

Castlevania Chronicles

In the last days of the PlayStation Sony more or less stopped giving a damn about what was released and as such many publishers used it as an opportunity to rel...[Read More]


Hal Laboratory has been an indispensable partner to Nintendo dating as far back as the Famicom era.  A diverse developer able to create titles in nearly any gen...[Read More]

Wild Guns

Oh Natsume.  Most modern gamers know Natsume as the publisher of a never ending stream of Harvest Moon games and related spin offs.  This isn’t a bad thing, my ...[Read More]

Sparkster (Genesis)

It will forever remain a mystery to me as to why Konami’s Sparkster became a forgotten relic of a time long past. Rocket Knight Adventures was fantastic, both h...[Read More]

Kick Master

Now here’s another lost gem from an underrated publisher.  During the NES era when the likes of Capcom, Konami, and Acclaim (for all the wrong reasons) dominate...[Read More]

Gun Smoke

Christmas of 1988.  After a solid week of being cooped up in the house with no NES or video games for some reason that escapes me I was finally able to leave an...[Read More]

The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers

When you think of the Lord of the Rings you think of an epic adventure. I certainly wouldn’t begrudge anyone from assuming that the games that would accompany t...[Read More]

Jackie Chan’s Action Kung-Fu

It’s kind of a mystery to me as to why the games starring Jackie Chan aren’t very popular.  Not only is he one of the most bad ass action movie stars of all tim...[Read More]

Saint Sword

Growing up I loved fantasy movies like Willow and the Never Ending Story.  This fetish for the material fostered an interest in hack and slash action games like...[Read More]

Final Zone

You have to give Wolfteam/Telenet credit, they certainly tried their hand at every genre during the 16-bit era.  While they weren’t all success stories (Earnest...[Read More]

Mega Man 5

After the backlash against Mega Man 4 Capcom went back to the drawing board and released the follow up in the same year.  Mega Man 5 was released in December 19...[Read More]

Final Fight CD

After the disappointment of Final Fight’s SNES release it seemed as though gamers would have to stick to pumping an arcade unit with quarters if they wanted an ...[Read More]

Frankenstein – the Monster Returns

For as much as I harp on bad licensed videogames in the US it’s not as if Japan and Europe were not subjected to the same rash of cheap product.  In the UK Ocea...[Read More]

Kidou Butoden G-Gundam

I have mixed feelings about the various Mobile Suit Gundam series but the one thing I can say for sure is that I hate Gundam Seed. And that I kind of like G-Gun...[Read More]

Tiled Gallery Post Format

Quickly recaptiualize multifunctional architectures whereas professional methodologies. Dramatically envisioneer installed base technologies via client-based RO...[Read More]

Adventure Island II

As much as I wanted to like Adventure Island it skewed a little too closely to the platformer archetype laid down by Super Mario Brothers. It was also a reskin ...[Read More]


Thanks to its relatively fast processor the Genesis is home to nearly any incarnation of the shooter genre.  You like space ships?  Thunderforce.  You like cute...[Read More]

Guerrilla War

Sometimes I wonder where Japanese developers get their inspiration to create certain games.  The NES era was full of downright strange games such as Square’s Ad...[Read More]

Chiki Chiki Boys

I can remember ignoring Chiki Chiki Boys for a long time during my Genesis owning days. For one I though the name was stupid. And two compared to the other rele...[Read More]

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