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Batman Returns (Genesis)

I freely admit to getting caught up in the hype leading to Batman Returns release in theaters.  For anyone that grew up reading comic books 1989’s Batman may as...[Read More]

Mega Man X7

This review hurts to write. I love the Mega Man games through all of their various incarnations through the good times and the bad. The formula does become repe...[Read More]


As much as I’ve had a good laugh publicly shaming the terrible licensed games of the past occasionally there is one that hits a little close to home and Predato...[Read More]

Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition

The anticipation for the Saturn port of Daytona USA was only matched by the disappointment of its technical shortcomings. For those that stuck with it the gamep...[Read More]

Altered Beast (NES)

What’s this?  A Sega game on the Famicom?  Much like Tengen’s arcade ports of a few Sega classics the same licensing situation was happening in Japan.  While it...[Read More]


Whomp’Em huh?  I’m sure there is someone out there patting themselves on the back for that one.  “Clever” name aside Whomp’Em is one of many titles ...[Read More]

Bio Senshi Dan

Bio Senshi Dan was once scheduled for a US release under the title Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Masher. Honestly they should have stuck with its original title as Bas...[Read More]

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants

When you stop and analyze all of the releases it’s incredible that there are really only three or four actual good Simpsons games.  With the show becoming such ...[Read More]

Metal Slug

  Does anyone remember Cyber Lip? It was the pack in game for the Neo Geo and let me tell you it had nothing on Contra. For the price you were paying for t...[Read More]

Rayxanber II

For some inexplicable reason I was obsessed with Rayxanber II & III. I’ve already described how being a Turbo Grafx owner was a lonely experience so if I wa...[Read More]

Soldier Blade

All good things must come to an end and so Hudson decided to end the Star Soldier series with a bang, at least for that generation of consoles.  The last 16-bit...[Read More]

Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie

Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse was a huge success for Capcom, one in a long line of successful Disney licensed games from their development studios but eve...[Read More]

Super Off Road – the Baja

Racing games during the 16-bit era were an interesting animal.    3-D had yet to take the market by storm, being relegated to expensive arcade cabinets.  The ad...[Read More]

King’s Knight

Well every publisher has to start somewhere.  Even the likes of Capcom and Nintendo have a few skeletons in their closets that they wish gamers would forget abo...[Read More]

Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics

Joe & Mac was a fun if flawed action romp released early in the SNES’s life and was a pretty damn good if rushed arcade port.  Congo’s Caper, a little known...[Read More]

Twinkle Tale

Much like platformers starring cavemen (RIP Chuck Rock, Bonk, Bignose the Caveman, Dino Riki, etc.) shooters starring witches seemed to undergo their own renais...[Read More]

Rockman & Forte

Up until recently a large number of current generation games were still seeing a release on prior platforms, one to leverage the large install base of the Xbox ...[Read More]

Sonic CD

For all of its successes there was still a vocal contingent who felt Sonic the Hedgehog 2 somehow strayed from its roots.  Honestly I don’t see it but there are...[Read More]

Mega Man 7

Just as it took years for the Mega Man X series to get its start on the SNES, the continuation of the original series did not come until the tail end of the SNE...[Read More]

A brief hiatus

As much as I like updating every other day there’s a project I’ve been working on the side that could use my undivided attention for a bit.  As such...[Read More]

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