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Sonic the Hedgehog

The videogame graveyard is littered with the bodies of failed mascots from publishers past who tried to get a piece of that sweet Mario platforming pie.  In the...[Read More]

Almana no Kiseki

Anyone else remember looking at the bottom of your NES and wondering what that expansion port was for? I did and it wasn’t until years later that I would discov...[Read More]

Kid Icarus

Among the opening salvo of first party Nintendo games Kid Icarus has always been the red headed stepchild of the bunch (literally).  I’ve never been able to fig...[Read More]

Golden Axe III

Talk about a day late and a dollar short.  Golden Axe III was released in Japan in 1993 however it was released in the US on the Sega channel in 1995.  I wonder...[Read More]

Lucky Number 100

  So this Friday will mark my 100th article.  It feels like just yesterday I celebrated my 50th.  Its hard to believe that I’ve managed to stick to t...[Read More]

Alien 3 (Nes)

Alien 3 was a movie with a troubled production history but that didn’t stop the onslaught of video game tie-ins. Nearly every major platform at the time would r...[Read More]

Uniquely deploy market positioning

Continually integrate impactful benefits after backend relationships. Energistically network technically sound ideas and innovative value. Objectively simplify ...[Read More]

Super C

When I first played Super C I didn’t think much of it.  Maybe it was due to my extremely limited amount of time with it or I just didn’t feel like playing a Con...[Read More]


As much as I liked E-Swat in the arcade I have to admit, its resemblance to a poor man’s Robocop is undeniable.  You have an armored police officer protected a ...[Read More]


Any fan of NES shooters is undoubtedly familiar with Life Force. As the sequel to Gradius we all thought the game was excellent, building on what we loved about...[Read More]


By now Goldeneye has gone on to become legendary. There were honestly no expectations placed on upon its release; if anything you could say it was expected to b...[Read More]

Rapid Reload

At what point does a clone cross the line? While the industry is more or less built on the back of clones, it’s a shame when a game very callously follows in th...[Read More]

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic the Hedgehog did the impossible: give Sega its own mascot and to also showcase just how different they were from Nintendo, in the process achieving god ti...[Read More]

Clockwork Knight

For all of Sega’s misfortune in the gaming you have to give credit where it’s due, they were always thinking ahead of the curve.  The Sega Channel can be seen a...[Read More]

Super Turrican 2

1995 saw the 16-bit generation go through a downward spiral as the promise of the new 32-bit platforms could not be ignored. 3-d graphics at home was a big draw...[Read More]

Batman (NES)

Movie to game adaptations have to walk a thin line.  Depending on how faithful to the source material they are the gameplay opportunities can be limited.  On th...[Read More]

Sonic the Hedgehog Month

It’s that time once again!. For the rest of this month I’ll be examining the Sonic the Hedgehog series up through the Dreamcast. Join me as I explor...[Read More]

Welcome to the new Retro Game Age!

It’s been a long time coming but now it’s finally here!  Long time readers will notice that I’ve done little touch ups here and there but noth...[Read More]

Marchen Adventure Cotton 100%

Like platformers starring Cavemen shooters starring witches at one point had their time in the spotlight, at least in Japan. A few would trickle over to the US ...[Read More]

Sonic Adventure 2

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog Sega pulled out all of the stops in creating Sonic Adventure 2.  Though their venerable mascot had seen...[Read More]

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