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A Brief Hiatus

The holiday season is coming and I’m taking a little break.  I like to kick back and enjoy myself too you know.  I’ll see you all in the new year!

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A brief hiatus

As much as I like updating every other day there’s a project I’ve been working on the side that could use my undivided attention for a bit.  As such I’ll be taking a one month break. When I come back I plan on tackling quite a number of under appreciated titles that could use a spotlight, look forward to it!

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Phantasy Star week


It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these.  Sega’s Phantasy Star is one of the best series of RPGs that has somehow flown under the radar.  A large part of that is definitely due to Sega’s uphill battle within the console market but even on the Genesis most gamers still did not care.  There’s no doubt in my mind that the series would be more popular if they were on the NES and SNES but I also don’t think they would be anywhere near the same awesome games that they are because of it.  Many only know about PS due to its online installments and are completely oblivious to the four games that started it all.  Despite their low profile Phantasy Star has always been forward thinking and ahead of the curve and for Sega fans they were a perfect substitute for Final Fantasy.  Join me as I explore the highs and low point of the first four main entries and detail why you should rush out and buy these games now if you are so inclined.


Phantasy Star


Phantasy Star 2


Phantasy Star III – Generations of Doom


Phantasy Star IV – End of the Millenium

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RETRO magazine

I just found out about a kickstarter fans of this site and retro videogames in general might be interested in.  RETRO magazine aims to be a digital and print publication that will be published in bimonthly installments.  Don’t let the name fool you, although old games are its main focus there will still be some modern content.  The staff working on the magazine is a virtual who who’s of gaming press luminaries and online with many names some of you will be familiar with such as Jeremy Parish, Seanbaby, Kat Bailey, Jeff Green, and even old school EGM review crew member Martin Alessi.  The kickstarter was launched yesterday and has a modest goal of $50k for a full year’s worth of content; I think they’ll reach that goal easily.  If you’re interested in pledging or just curious to see what’s what you can visit or check out for a brief preview to see what they are aiming for.

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A minor setback

In what seems to be an annual occurrence my computer died a horrible death much like it did last year. However! This time I was prepared for it and have only lost a minor bit of content. In order to get back to where I was prior a one week break is in order and I’ll be back to your regularly scheduled retro gaming reviews.

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One Week Break

Just a quick little break, hopefully I can come back next week with a new theme that will liven up the look of the site as well but no promises!