Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was on old comic’s property from the 1950s that I’m sure not many remembered until it was brought back by Valiant Comics in the 90s. However even with that resurgence in popularity for the character I was surprised Acclaim chose this to make a video game adaptation. Personally I would have picked Ninjak but that’s because I think ninjas are cool. I doubt many had high expect...[Read More]

Back to the Future

Ah, LJN, my arch nemesis, we meet again.  Wherever a popular license existed back in the 80s and 90s LJN were there to completely fuck it up in search of the quick and easy buck.  The number of franchises from other media ruined by this company reads like a hit list; X-Men, Terminator, Jaws, and the subject of this review, Back to the Future.  Not that I have any great love for BttF but this game ...[Read More]

the Punisher (NES)

It’s kind of funny how so many of the early Marvel movies from the early 90s have been forgotten in light of their recent cinematic success.  To be fair there’s a reason why; have you seen Captain America?  Yikes!  Rubber ears and terrible acting abounds in that abomination.   And don’t get me started on the Fantastic Four film that was shot to keep the license; it’s worth viewing just for the hil...[Read More]

Extreme G2

Although Extreme G was not an exceptional game it at least had the foundation for a competent futuristic racing game.  It simply lacked polish in terms of its play mechanics.  Extreme G-2 manages to fix the majority of the flaws of the first game but introduces new ones all its own that unfortunately bring down the experience.  While there is still some fun to be found in its content it ultimately...[Read More]


  One thing you can say about the N64, it has more than its fair share of racing games.  Of the 290 or so North American releases for the system almost 50 are some form of racing game.  With that many nearly every incarnationof the genre were covered from car combat to the more esoteric like F1 racing.  One subset that was just gaining popularity was the futuristic racing genre, of which Wipe...[Read More]

Steel Empire

While the modern day shmup has become dominated by bullet hell shooters impenetrable to the average man and loli bait for the otaku, it wasn’t always this way.  Once upon a time there were shmups for everyone, vertical shooters, horizontal shooters, shooters in planes, hell even shooters with witches.  Amidst this flood there was one game that stood out from the crowd due to its unique setting. Th...[Read More]

Double Dragon III – the Sacred Stones

Man oh man where do I even begin?  The Double Dragon games have always been enjoyable beat em ups despite the problems each game had.  In some circles it is looked at as one of the classic franchises of the 80s.  Double Dragon 3 in all its forms was a wretched game, and while the NES version isn’t as bad as the arcade game that’s like saying a toilet plunger in the ass is better than a...[Read More]

Double Dragon II – The Revenge

It was pretty common during the NES era for ports of arcade games to differ drastically from the source material due to the hardware’s constraints.  It wasn’t very often though that the home game was superior to the arcade but in the case of Double Dragon 2 it is very true.  In the arcade Double Dragon 2 was an all too brief affair.   For the home market it was expanded and given the length necess...[Read More]

Double Dragon

For anyone that has played a game by Technos Japan their style is unmistakable.  From the graphics and art style used to the sound programming you can instantly identify any game they’ve created just by using one of those criteria.  Most American’s first exposure to their works would start with the Double Dragon series, the classic beat em up series that spawned dozens of imitators.  But after all...[Read More]

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