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Mega Man X6

Shame on you Capcom.  Mega Man X5 wrapped up the X saga more or less completely and should have lead into the Mega Man Zero series like planned.  But you had to get greedy.  The first question is: Why?  It’s not as though gamers were begging for another game in the X series on the PS One of all systems so close to 2002.  So I’m calling it like I see it, 100 % greediness.  And it more or less bit t...[Read More]

Mega Man X5

All good things must come to an end and so Capcom (initially) decided to end the X series at installment number 5.  This was a bit of a shock considering Capcom were the masters of milking a franchise dry at the time.   Although it would later turn out to be false Mega Man X5 was developed with the concept of finality in mind and as such would have been a fitting send off for the franchise. Mega M...[Read More]

Mega Man X4

The 32-bit era were dark days for 2d gaming in the early years.  Sony actively limited the number of 2d games released on their console and while the Saturn was a powerhouse in that department the Sega of that generation had their head too far up their ass to show it off.  That Mega Man X4 was released in that period is something of a miracle but I guess it shouldn’t be surprising considering the ...[Read More]

Mega Man X3

At a time when most series were being held back for their 32-bit debut Capcom decided to give Mega Man X one last hurrah on the SNES.   Mega Man X3 was released at the tail end of the system’s life in the US and is among its last major releases.  As absurd as it sounds the original SNES release fetches a high price on Ebay because of its limited print run.  But is it worth those prices? Mega Man X...[Read More]

Mega Man X2

It was a foregone conclusion.  It took Capcom many years to bring Mega Man to the SNES and when they did rather than retread the same ground they created a new character with a new continuity.  Mega Man X reinvigorated the franchise with some much needed improvements to the well trodden formula.  We all know how much Capcom loves to milk a series to death so it was no surprise when Mega Man X2 was...[Read More]

Mega Man X

Throughout the 16-bit era almost every major franchise saw an update.  These iterations used the advanced features of the consoles of the time to really go to town and flesh out the original creators intentions.  From Mario to Castlevania to the Ninja Turtles your favorite gaming heroes were stepping out in style.  But one icon was curiously missing for the first half of that generation curiously ...[Read More]

Mega Man 8

Unlike the 16-bit generation Capcom didn’t wait very long to start their Mega Man releases when the 5th generation came along.  Both Mega Man and the X series would see new releases in the US in 1997.  Mega Man 8 was released in the beginning of 1997 for both the Saturn and the Playstation to celebrate the series 10th anniversary and what a celebration it is.  With unparalleled animation and much ...[Read More]

Mega Man 7

Just as it took years for the Mega Man X series to get its start on the SNES, the continuation of the original series did not come until the tail end of the SNES lifespan in the US.  Mega Man 7 was released in 1995 and unlike before is the only game in the main series on the system. Picking up directly were Mega Man 6 left off Dr. Wily has finally been captured and is hauled off to jail.  However,...[Read More]

Mega Man 6

The final installment in the series for NES, Mega Man 6 oddly enough was released well after everyone else had moved on from publishing 8-bit games.  This included Capcom who opted not to release the game themselves and instead publishing duties fell to Nintendo of America, who released the game in the beginning of 1994 in the US.  The formula had been well worn by this point, especially in light ...[Read More]

Mega Man 5

After the backlash against Mega Man 4 Capcom went back to the drawing board and released the follow up in the same year.  Mega Man 5 was released in December 1992 for all territories except Europe.  A bold move, as the 16-bit systems were hitting their stride and most other franchises had moved on.  It pretty much focused on executing the core concepts of the Mega Man series well rather than tryin...[Read More]

Mega Man 3

Coming off the momentum gained from Mega Man 2 it would have been easy for Capcom to rest on their laurels and churn out an easy sequel.  Mega Man 2 has achieved legendary status and rightfully so.  But in creating part 3 they introduced  a host of improvements on the series formula, many that would go on to become mainstays of the series. Equal parts refinement and innovation Mega Man 3 continued...[Read More]

Mega Man 2

The story goes that the original Mega Man was not a huge success.  Looking at that box art I think we can all agree that it isn’t very shocking.  However the team believed in the character and wanted to fully explore the world that they had created and were given the green light to work on the game in their free time so long as it didn’t impact their 9-5 work.  That decision would pay off as Mega ...[Read More]

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