Syd of Valis

I’ve never understood the appeal of the whole super deformed thing. I get the whole “cute” angle of it but aside from the novelty of seeing chibi renditions of your fan favorite characters (as SD is usually applied to popular properties) it does nothing for gameplay. The only time I guess it added any benefit to a game would be Super Puzzle Fighter. Syd of Valis is one of the few SD games to reach...[Read More]

Mugen Senshi Valis

It’s strange; by any metric the Valis series is nothing but a bunch of solid and sometimes below average games yet I love them to death. Maybe that love stems from their uniquely Japanese aesthetic or the fact that they make use of extensive cutscenes which to my teenaged mind was the greatest thing ever. While I was familiar with the Genesis version of the original it would be many years before I...[Read More]

Psycho Dream

When Sega bought publisher Renovation they inadvertently screwed many SNES gamers out of some pretty cool imports. Arcus Odyssey was cancelled (but the full game still exists online), The Journey Home’s localization went kaput, and the subject of this review was also canned. Psycho Dream should have been released here as Dream Probe but sadly wasn’t meant to be. It doesn’t matter though as it can ...[Read More]

Final Zone II

It really is a shame that the Turbo Grafx-16 and its CD add-on never achieved the level of success it deserved.  Now I’m not saying that the US library was in anyway comparable to the Genesis or SNES but it deserved better, especially from its parent company.  If even a fraction of the games released in japan came to the US the system wouldn’t be so obscure. As is there are large gaps in its libra...[Read More]


Thanks to its relatively fast processor the Genesis is home to nearly any incarnation of the shooter genre.  You like space ships?  Thunderforce.  You like cutesy shit?  Panorama Cotton (which is incredible by the way).  Arcade ports?  Afterburner 2.  You get the point.  For a game to truly stand out in a sea of similar fare it has to be special.  Gaiares is not only just that but one of the absol...[Read More]

Elemental Master

I’m pretty sure very few have played this great shmup.  Technosoft were no stranger to the genre and some would say they were the undisputed master during the 16-bit era.  This little known gem slipped under the radar somehow which is a shame considering its creator’s pedigree.  The Thunderforce series is legendary and while this does not reach such lofty heights it still manages to be an enjoyabl...[Read More]

El Viento

Good side-scrolling action games weren’t exactly overflowing in the Genesis’ early years.  While the likes of Mystic Defender were passable classics like Revenge of Shinobi were practically events.Renovation, one of Sega’s biggest supporters in those days tried to fill that gap with El Viento and while it doesn’t reach the heights of Joe Musashi’s adventure it still provides many hours of platform...[Read More]

Super Valis IV

Time certainly can be cruel.  I remember Valis as a kick butt series of action games for each platform they graced.  However as time passed and the bar was raised they were simply competent in the face of such classics as Earthworm Jim, Gunstar Heroes, etc.  While Valis IV is one of the stronger entries in the series it is still only a solid game at best. Enjoy, cuz that’s about all you̵...[Read More]


Remember when old video game magazines would have numerous screenshots of cut scenes?  These were never labeled as such and often times would be mistaken for actual gameplay.  At least I did, but maybe I was just a dumb kid.  From the Y’s series to Cosmic Fantasy I would see these games and thought they were the most awesome creations known to man.   Of course the truth is a lot of them were...[Read More]

Neugier/The Journey Home

I remember wanting to play the Journey Home so bad but fate decided it was not meant to be.  An interesting bit of history behind this game.  Once scheduled for release in the US it was cancelled when Sega bought out its publisher, Renovation.  Man what a dick move.  There were a few reviews of the game, notably Game Informer and Gamepro, so somewhere out there an English ROM of the game exists.  ...[Read More]

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