Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer 64

Back in the 32-bit era the thought of Ridge Racer or any Namco property appearing on a rival platform was pretty much blasphemous. Their partnership with Sony was one of the most lucrative in history but in the waning years of the generation there was nothing to lose in experimenting with a new user base. Ridge Racer 64 was born out of a collaboration between Nintendo and Namco and while it was ye...[Read More]

Ridge Racer

When Sony announced their entry into the home console market many were skeptical due to their less than stellar track record as a third party publisher.  With no notable intellectual properties under their belt the question became who would supply them with the killer app they needed to be taken seriously by consumers.  Battle Arena Toshinden for all of its faults was one but Ridge Racer more so t...[Read More]

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