Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

The modern day cover based shooters that the gaming public has fallen in love with all owe a debt to Namco’s Rolling Thunder.  Gears of War, Resident Evil, and hell even Call of Duty to an extent, all share similar gameplay aesthetics, eschewing straight run and gun action for a more tactical approach to combat.  It’s strange to use that word in reference to Rolling Thunder but it’s true.  Rolling...[Read More]

Rolling Thunder 3

Home console sequels to established arcade games were usually disastrous for any number of reasons.  Back in the day arcade cabinets usually housed technology a generation or two removed from what we were playing at home and usually featured dazzling graphics and sound in addition to polished gameplay.  But there are those few exceptions that not only meet there forbearers but surpass them, a cate...[Read More]

Rolling Thunder 2

My first experience with the Rolling Thunder series came with the unlicensed port of the first game on the NES.  That black cartridge was weird as hell but the game itself was even stranger, with hooded enemies that looked like members of the Ku Klux Klan.   While it wasn’t the greatest game in the world it was enjoyable so when I heard about a sequel I had high expectations and amazingly the game...[Read More]

Codename: Viper

Back in the 80’s clones of popular games were a dime a dozen.  Well I guess you could say that still persists even to this day.  Super Mario Brothers was revolutionary, so naturally everyone proceeded to follow in its footsteps.  Of course they didn’t analyze why it was so revolutionary, they simply figured if they chuck a cute character and some floating platforms in a game they’d strike gold.  T...[Read More]

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