Dick Tracy

I remember the insane marketing blitz surrounding the release of the Dick Tracy movie back in 1990. I was too young to know about its origin as a newspaper strip from the 1920s and viewed it as a movie starring a colorful cast of villains like batman. With all the radio watches, fast food meals and other merchandise came video games of varying quality; the less said about the NES game the better. ...[Read More]


In the inevitable transition to 3d during the PlayStation era many beloved classic franchises either went into hibernation or suffered immensely as the technology/designer’s level of skill were not up to the task of accurately representing their gameplay.  For every Super Mario 64 there was two or three Contra Legacy of Wars or Sonic 3d Blasts.  When Shinobi Legions failed to catch on Joe Musashi ...[Read More]


Jesus what a terrible game.  Shinobi in the arcade was hugely popular and one of Sega’s biggest quarter crunchers of the time.  The original arcade game was markedly different from the exclusive home console Shinobi games, resembling Rolling Thunder more than the straight up action games on the Genesis.  It saw many home ports to nearly every computer format you can imagine and in a surprising twi...[Read More]

Shadow Dancer

After the release of Revenge of Shinobi the franchise saw new life and momentum behind it.  When Sega announced a sequel, I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that expectations were high.  ROS had established itself as the ninja game, so it’s a bit of a disappointment that its sequel was a retuned port of an arcade game.  My own experience with the game was bit tainted; I didn’t own it, the...[Read More]

Revenge of Shinobi

Early in the Sega Genesis’ life the system was dominated by arcade ports.  The reasons for this are numerous of course, but not as overt as you would think.  Sega has always had a strong arcade heritage which continues even today.  With the release of the Genesis they now had a home console powerful enough to reasonably convert most of their more demanding arcade cabs and did so with aplomb.  Anot...[Read More]

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