Burai Fighter

  How many of you remember Taxan?  This little known publisher during the NES era released a number of gems for the system, like Low G Man (my first review!) and the first G.I. Joe game.  Although they never achieved the level of notoriety of a Capcom or Konami their games were just as good in many respects.  One such hidden gem was Burai Fighter. A race of beings known as the Burai have thei...[Read More]

Low G Man

Those of us who grew up in the 80s are familiar with using the back of the box to determine if a game is worth buying or not.  Gaming magazines weren’t on most of our radars until the 90s or so, so to take their place all we had to go on were either word of mouth or the dreaded ad copy on the box.  I say dreaded because, and I’m pretty sure of it, publishers would use deceptive tactics...[Read More]

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