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10 Yard Fight NES Game Cartridge

10 Yard Fight was released for the NES in 1985 and was originally an arcade game released in 1983. Taito published the game for the US. It was the first ever slightly realistic playing American foobtall game developed at the time of its release. Adam Duerson of Sports Illustrated said that though nobody will remember it or say what made it great, the game is worth recognizing the fact for bringing football gaming from the Atari era, which set a precedent for the future of football gaming. Adam Swiderski of UGO Network called it advanced in comparison to the earlier football games. He also added that though it had a great soundtrack and looked neat, it didn’t really play like real life football. Nick Chordas of The Columbus Dispatch said the game was realistic for that time, saying the players in the game looked like real people.

The view of the game is from a top to down perspective and scrolls vertically. There are no plays on defense or offense to be selected. While playing offense, the player will receive the ball when snapped, and will have the choice to run as the quarterback, hand it off to the running back, or have the ball thrown to the only receiver. This is basically running the offensive option style. While playing defense, there are two players to choose for controlling, and the others are controlled by the computer. Punts and field goals can also be performed. The five levels of difficulty are Super Bowl, playoff, professional, college, and high school, which is hardest to easiest. If both halves are won by the player in an accelerated 30 minute time at an easy level, the game would automatically advance the difficulty, having a career mode crudely designed.

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