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Blades of Steel NES Game Cartridge

Blades of Steel was released for the NES in 1988 and was originally an arcade game released in 1987. It is a hockey game with fictitious teams from real American and Canadian cities. It is also known for face paced action, especially the fighting. There are three difficulties to choose, which are Pro, College, and Junior. Each team has a goaltender, two defensemen, and three forwards. The game also has voice samples which was rare for NES games during that time. It also is different from the National Hockey League in the later 1980s by not having an offside rule, and the interpretation of the penalties are somewhat unique. A mini game appears for player one when the second intermission occurs.

When starting the game, the player can choose exhibition or tournament. Exhibition is a one match game against another player or the computer. Tournament mode is similar the the playoffs of the NHL. The player chooses a team to compete playoff style against the other teams. If the game is tied at the end, there will be a penalty shoot out to determine a winner. Both team will get five shots. The team with the most shots made will win. If it is still tied after five shots, both teams will continue to shoot until a team is declared the winner. The winner of the playoff will be rewarded the Cup. The eight teams available, with four teams from each the US and Canada. The four from Canada are Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Edmonton. The four US teams are Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Minnesota.

The fighting is initiated when two players from opposing teams bump each other three consecutive times without bumping another player. Both players will stop and confront each other for a fight by punching. If a player swiftly punches the opponent during a pre fight, it could knock the other player out and a penalty will not be called on either player. If both players throw punches mutually in the pre fight, a voice yells fight, and the fighting screen appears with the gamers taking control of their player. There are high punches, low punches, high blocks, and low blocks that can be done. Each player will have a five hit health bar. The loser of the fight will be given a penalty and sent over to the penalty box, while the winner receives no penalty. This will create a 5 on 4 power play, with a max of four players capable of being penalized to give a 5 on 1 advantage. A penalty shot can occur if a fight breaks out near a net.

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