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Casino Kid NES Game Cartridge

Casino Kid was released for the NES in North America in 1989. It is based on $1,000,000 Kid, a manga series that Yuki Ishigaki wrote. The game was followed by Casino Kid II, which was released in 1993 for the NES. The original title was The Prince of Othello and was going to be released in 1990 but the game was temporarily canceled.

The introductions of both the NA and Japan version differ. The Japan version has a young kid trying to imagine to be the champion of the casino and in the NA version has the player competing in for the toughest gamblers in the world tournament. Both  of the versions have the waitresses wearing bunny costumes that will give hints to the player. If the player skips an opponent, it will allow the player to locate the exact place of your previous opponent. Skipping more will be frowned upon for the game

The game takes place in Lost Wages, a fictitious town. The Japan version actually uses Las Vegas. The goal of the game is to earn a lot of money and beat the Casino’s evil King. The games included five card draw poker and blackjack, with roulette and the slot machines being taken out of the NA version. The name of the casino in the NA version is a parody of the actual name, Golden Nugget, which the Japan version uses. The Japan version is has similarities of a Vegas casino, while the NA version is more of an exalted lobby. The Japan version allows players to travel to places for other casinos like in New York City or Japan, but will have an airfare cost. The player can also use their own name in the Japan version. The character will have blue hair for the Japan version and blonde hair for the NA version. There is also a free mode in the Japan version to allow the players to experiment gambling strategies.

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