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Dragon Warrior II NES Game Cartridge

Dragon Warrior II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Chunsoft and published by Enix, with the original title being Dragon Quest II. The game takes place a hundred years following the first Dragon Warrior game. The story starts centers around Midenhall’s prince, who was given the order to stop the evil wizard Hargon after he destroyed Moonbrooke Castle. Two of his cousins accompany him during his journey, Moonbrooke’s princess and Cannock’s prince. The second game greatly expands the series’ formula from Dragon Warrior by letting the player have more people in their party, having more areas for them to explore, a ship for sailing, and multiple enemies and heroes during a battle. The third game in the series, Dragon Quest III: And Into the Legend, will follow the main characters ancestor, Erdrick.

While playing the game, the player can control multiple characters with each having their own individual characteristics, being the first Dragon Quest game to do that. The second game also introduced the party system, starting the game as only a single character and more party members are recruited during gameplay. This was different from previous role playing games since most of them started a game with the whole party. The characters will be controlled by the player and be moved around in the game’s world. The player can trade and talk with villagers, search for treasure chests, and equip their characters with armor and weapons, and cast magic spells. This game will offer more items and magic spells along with a much bigger world.

While the player wanders dungeons, seas, caves, towers, and fields, they will randomly encounter monsters, switching the game into battle mode. The battle mode will introduce groups of enemies, being upgraded from the first game’s one versus one battles. During battle, the player will choose a character and give each one an order on to fight a monster. When all the monsters are defeated, the characters will gain gold and experience points. The Exp will raise the levels of the characters, which will improve their attributes. They might also learn some new spells. The game’s inventory management is expanded from its predecessor, with each character being able to hold a maximum of eight items. This places a larger emphasis on having conservative management for items for each character.
To win the game, the player will need to fight monsters so their characters’ levels will improve and obtain gold for buying stronger weapons and better armor. The player’s characters will become stronger and eventually be strong enough for the player to move on into the next dungeon or town. This will repeat until the last boss is reached and then defeated. Gameplay is not linear necessarily, especially after the boat is obtained. A key part of this game is exploring. There are a few areas the game offers to save the player’s progress. In the majority of towns, the player can talk to a minister or king to save progress. In the version for America, a battery was incorporated for saving the game instead of having a password system from the original game. This also allowed moving and deletion of the saved games when talking to a king.

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