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Dynowarz NES Game Cartridge

Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus was released for the NES in 1990. It was published and developed by Bandai. The story is set in the man made Solar System called Spondylus when something has gone horribly wrong. All of the planet’s computers used for life support have been infected by a virus, one at a time, that is life threatening. The surfaces of the planets have also been overrun by computerized dinosaurs called Robosaurs. Professor Proteus’s lab was under attack on the Alpha Planet. He is the mastermind behind Spondylus and founded the Robosaur project. Proteus then realized that the only person that could sabotage his work was Dr Brainius, his deranged former partner. Years before, the doctor ran from Alpha Planet when Professor Proteus exposed him on having performed robotic experiments that were forbidden on humans. Brainius returned to get revenge using Proteus’s own creations. The doctor did not realize, however, that Professor Proteus has been working on perfecting an ultimate Robosaur for a few years, the Cyborasaurus. This is the Spondylus System’s only hope.

The game has two modes. The player will control Professor Proteus inside his battle suit in one mode or control the devastating Cyborasaurus in the other mode. The capsules that the Robosaurs will drop can help the player keep the two alive. Capsules with the label E will fully replenish energy. Capsules with the label B will give a player full barrier meters. Any damage that is taken will have the barrier meter depleted before it starts to affect the player’s energy meter. The stages, with each set on a different planet that ranges from jungle to ice, will start with the player controlling Cyborasaurus. The goal of each stage is trying to reach the AI Compound of every planet. There will be hoards of enemy Robosaurs that will be in the player’s way, with a boss at the end of every level. These bosses will be able to withstand a lot more hits than a standard Robosaur. When defeating a boss, they will drop a key for the AIC.

When the player is inside the AIC, Professor Proteus will get out of Cyborasaurus. Each AIC will have a Computer for Life Support that was infected with the virus and will need to be destroyed. Obstacles will need to be avoided like Flying Hounds of Destruction and Platforms of Deception before the battle with a hideous pulsating Computer will start. When the player destroys the computer, all the beasts inside the AIC will also be destroyed. The player will then need to retrace their steps back to the Cyborasaurus. The player will then need to use a Molecular Transporter that is outside to be able to travel onto another planet.

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