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Flying Dragon NES Game Cartridge

Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll was released for the NES in 1989. It was developed and published by Culture Brain. The game is about Ryuhi, who was born then raised on the mountain tops located in China in some mysterious region. One day he received some instructions from Juan, his teacher, who became a Kempo master at a very young age. Juan one day was attacked and then the Hiryu no Ken Secret Scrolls were stolen, which he wrote. Ryuhi had the Secret Scroll’s sixth volume, the Book of the Mind’s Eye, the volume Juan managed to rescue. Ryuhi then began his quest to Shorinji, Juan’s dying request. Shorinji’s bishop, Gengai, welcomed Ryuhi and started his training for Shorinji Kempo.

Six Years later, Gengai and Ryuhi received a challenge letter from the mysterious enemy organization from Shorinji called Tusk Soldiers. Ryuhi was determined to be a part of the Contact Sports World Tournament that was coming up, representing Shorinji. His reasoning was trying to stop any Tusk Soldiers from winning the tournament. Gengai then tells Ryuhi that is was Tusk Soldiers that attacked Juan and stole his Secret Scrolls. Ryuhi then heads for the tournament.

The game has to different styles of gameplay. The Journey levels will be side scrolling where the player will need to defeat five different bosses to find specific items that are valuable for the mission. The levels in the tournament is when the player fights head to head against the enemies like the original game Shanghai Kid, released back in 1985. The game will need to be completed two times for the player to see the game’s true ending. Every scroll, six in total, will need to be collected while playing through the first time for the game’s first ending. The second play through will need the player to get every scroll again, but this time also getting 4 crystal balls, which can be found only during the second play through. If the player misses any of those items and then completes the game, the game’s true ending does not happen.

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