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Jimmy Connor’s Tennis NES Game Cartridge

Jimmy Connors Tennis was released in 1993 for the NES with NMS Software developing the game and Ubisoft publishing it. It features the number one tennis player in the world, at the time, Jimmy Connors. The game was published a couple years after his comeback late in his career. He was in the Men’s Singles in 1991 at the US Open. He was able to reach the semifinals.

There are two modes of play, also with a two player mode to compete against each other. The first will let you compete in 16 of the top international tournaments, which will include Wimbledon, U.S. Open, and Australian Open. The three levels of difficulty are advanced, medium, and beginner. While playing in the tournaments, the player can earn between $26,000-$58,000. The players can track their wins and losses and the earnings from tournaments with passwords. The surfaces of the courts play accurately according to the style which include grass, clay, or hard court, with each having a different effect on the tennis ball. There is also a practice mode that allows the player to practice hitting tennis balls that are shot from a machine. The choices in this mode are 100 balls, 200 balls, or 300 balls.

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