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Joust NES Game Cartridge

Joust was released for the NES in 1988 and was developed by Williams Electronics. It was originally an arcade game released back in 1982. Though it did not have cooperative two player first, the success was higher than past two player co-op games and it made the concept popular. The developing team was led by John Newcomer, who aimed to make a flying type game with two player co-op while avoiding the popular space theme during that time. The staff had to work with technical limitations that the hardware had, excluding visual optimizing and concepts. The game had a lot of influence on future developers. It has also had many ports and a sequel.

The player takes control of a yellow knight that is flying a stork or ostrich in a platformer type gameplay. You will use a button to flap the wings and move your character left or right. The player is flying around rock type platforms with a lava pool underneath. When your character goes off the screen on one side, he will reappear on the other side, which can be done continuously. Depending on how fast the player presses the fly button will determine how fast or slow your character will go up or descend. The objective of the game is defeating other knights that are riding buzzards as they come in waves. When one wave is completed, another wave will begin.

The knight will need to be used to collide with the enemy knights. The relation of height between the player and other knight will determine the collision’s outcome. If your knight is higher up than an enemy knight when a collision happens, you will destroy that enemy. However if the enemy is higher, they will destroy you. If both the player and the enemy collide at equal levels, they will bounce back from each other. When defeating an enemy, they change to an egg and then will fall to the ground. The player can collect this egg for points. If the egg is not picked up in time, it will hatch another knight. The new knight will then get a new buzzard and will have to be beaten again. 

There are three kinds of enemies. The Hunter, Bounder, and Shadow Lord. Each one is worth a different amount of points. Pterodactyl’s will appear in a time frame predetermined and will hunt the player. If a second player joins, they will be a blue knight. You can choose to play together to defeat waves of enemies, or compete against each other while being able to attack each other.

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