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Klax NES Game Cartridge

Klax was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed and produced by Atari Games. Klax will have 100 levels that are grouped into five levels per block. At the start and after every fifth level, except level 95 and level 100, the player has the choice of skipping five levels or ten levels. When the player skips levels, it will give them bonus points on top of a drop allowance that is higher. The game will end when a player fills up the playing area, exhausts the drop allowance, or when they finish level 100.

The conveyor belt will be located at the screen’s top and will roll constantly toward the play area and deliver a steady block supply. The player will control a little device that will sit between the play area and conveyor belt. The device can move right and left to catch blocks to deposit them in the play area, which is arranged 5×5 and holds 25 blocks, or push the blocks back up to the conveyor belt. Five blocks can be held on the device. A block that is uncaught will have the game consider it a drop. Flashing blocks are able to be a wildcard of any color. Blocks are able to be eliminated in the play area when they are arranged by three blocks with the same colors or more into a line, which is called a Klax. The line can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

Multiple grouping, like a vertical and a horizontal, will be multiple Klaxes. Lines with four blocks with the same color or five blocks with the same color will be counted as two Klaxes and three Klaxes, respectively. Once the player reaches their goal, bonus points will be awarded for the remaining blocks that are on top of the device and conveyor belt, and the empty spaces inside the bin. On levels that require a specific point total, the excess points after the amount required will be counted in both bonus points and scoring.

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