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Kung-Fu Heroes NES Game Cartridge

Kung-Fu Heroes was released for the NES in 1989 and was originally an arcade game titled Chinese Hero released back in 1984. Nihon Game developed it. It was Culture Brain’s first game in the series Super Chinese. The game has an over the top view and can be two players simultaneously. The story is about the Princess Min-Min who has been captured by monsters that have also stolen 10 treasures in an unnamed land. This left everything in sorrow. Lee and Jacky, two kung fu masters, return from their training and need to go rescue Min-Min and recover the treasures. The player will take control of either Lee or Jacky to take on large amounts of enemies every level. The goal of the game is to defeat enemies until the door opens in the room near the top, allowing the player to exit to the next level. Enemies vary through the game and there are also bonus level to enter.

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Platform: NES
Players: 1-2
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Genre: Beat ’em Up
Region: NTSC (North America)
Rating: Everyone