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M. C. Kids NES Game Cartridge

M.C. Kids was released for the NES in 1992 with Virgin Interactive developing and publishing the game. Since the game is a McDonald’s licensed product, it features occasional appearances of characters from their franchise, various logos, and TV advertisements. Europe had exclusive versions for home computers which included the MS-DOS, Atari ST, Amiga, and Commodore 64. The Game Boy version was released as McDonaldland. Outside the European area, it was released as Spot: The Cool Adventure, which was themed on the franchise Cool Spot. Global Gladiators was another game based on McDonald’s franchise for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, being more of traditional platformer style game.

The story starts with Mick and Mack, the M.C. Kids, reading a novel at a picnic with Ronald McDonald showing off a magical bag. The Hamburglar suddenly appears and then steals Ronald’s magical bag. Mick and Mack then go searching for four puzzle cards outside of Ronald’s clubhouse. When collecting the four puzzle cards, Ronald tells them that the Hamburglar was seen close to Birdie’s treehouse. When arriving at the treehouse, the players search Birdie’s house for five puzzle cards. When finding those five cards, Mick and Mack are then told the Hamburglar was seen close to the cliffs. They then proceed to Grimace’s loft with directions from Birdie. His house is then searched for three more puzzle cards. When finding those cards, Grimace then lets them go down a pathway to the workshop of the Professor.

When reaching Professor’s workshop, they figure out he invented something that will help both of them in the journey. Mick and Mack then search for five more puzzle cards. The Professor gives them a rocket and they use it to get to CosMc on the moon. They arrive at CosMc’s getaway and they are told to find another five puzzle cards. When his cards are collected, CosMc tells the two kids to search for a volcano entrance where the Hamburglar might be. They both proceed through the volcano trying to five the Hamburglar and retrieve Ronald’s magical bag. Upon finding the Hamburglar, they are both told the magical bag escaped from his clutches. Mick and Mack then confront the magical bag. The bag started attacking with a rabbit inside a hat, a magical wand, and a flag. When the bag is beaten, they return the magical bag to Ronald.

The player chooses one of two M.C. Kids. The characters have no difference other than their hair styles and skin color. The game is two players and both kids can jump, walk, duck, and lift blocks to attack enemies by throwing them. The player will traverse the seven worlds of McDonaldland. Having the seven worlds has similar format to StarTropics or Super Mario Bros 3. Each world begins by visiting a character from McDonaldland. Unlike the Super Mario games, completing the levels will not be enough for succeeding. The franchise imagery of McDonalds, such as the characters and golden arches, are used for advancing the plot and powering up. Novel mechanics of gameplay that is found in the game includes a spinning device that will turn players upside down and reverse gravity, being able to warp through a level with a zipper, and being able to ride and carry a boat.

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