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Millipede NES Game Cartridge

Millipede was released for the NES in 1988. It was developed and published by Atari. The game is a sequel to Centipede and was originally and arcade game that was released in 1982. The objective in the game is trying to score the most points possible by shooting off segments of a millipede moving toward the screen’s bottom. Other enemies will also need to be destroyed and avoided.

Similar to the game Centipede, the goal is trying to destroy the millipede advancing downward from the screen’s top. The millipede will travel horizontally until it reaches the screen’s edge or hits an object. This will cause it to drop a row down and reverse its direction. When it enters a player’s maneuvering area that is gray, it will stay in that area and more heads will appear at different intervals until the player destroys the heads and millipede. Shooting one of the body segments will split the millipede into two. The rear part will sprout a head on its own. Colliding with any enemies will have the player lose a life.

There are new gameplay elements and enemies in Millipede that are introduced. Earwigs are the same as scorpions from Centipede, making the mushrooms poisonous and when the millipede touches it, it will charge directly to the screen’s bottom. The Bees are the same as fleas from Centipede, in which they will drop mushrooms vertically in a line and will require two shots for the player to kill it. The Spider will behave the same as from Centipede, which it bounces irregularly down the play area and eats mushrooms. More than one Spider will appear simultaneously during the higher levels. The Dragonfly will drop mushrooms while zigzagging toward the player. The player will be able to destroy the Dragonfly with one shot.

The Inchworm will slow down all the enemies for short periods of time when it is hit. Beetles will crawl around a player’s area for a long time, then will climb up the screen and leave, turning all the mushrooms in its path into flowers that are indestructible. Everything on screen will scroll down a row once it is hit. The Mosquito will bounce off the screen’s sides and descend diagonally. Everything on screen will scroll up a row once it is hit. The DDT Bomb, which is stationary, can blow up with a single shot and it will destroy all the mushrooms and enemies in its blast radius. Whenever mushrooms scroll down the screen, another bomb will be added at the screen’s top. Four bombs total can be on screen at once. The player will score points when they shoot the bomb themselves. It will also increase the enemy values when they are destroyed within a blast.

During the regular intervals in gameplay, a player will go up against an enemy swarm of dragonflies, bees, etc, rather than a usual millipede. Every enemy that is destroyed will award an increasing amount of points, going up to a max of one thousand points for each enemy killed. The attack will end when the whole swarm passes or if the player has a life lost. Also during intervals, newer mushrooms will appear on the game field while some others will die off. The pattern is somewhat like Conway’s Game of Life. Also, if a player has a life lost, all the flowers, poisoned mushrooms, and mushrooms that are partially destroyed will revert back to normal, turning back to whole mushrooms. The player will score points while the process happens.

The player has the choice before starting a game to begin at a more advanced level. The score will start as a multiple of the amount of points that is needed for earning another life, which is 15,000 by default. The gameplay will be generally more advanced than it would have been if the player had started with 0 for their score and worked up to those points. The max advanced level the game allows is the function of a preceding score from another player. The games that are started at a more advanced level when the player had not earned a bonus life will not be eligible for putting their name in for a high score.

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