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Pictionary NES Game Cartridge

Pictionary was released for the NES in 1990. It is based on the board game, having a max of four teams and with unlimited players. The game has a text parser that will scan for profane phrases and words. If a team tries to enter their name with an obscene word, the game refuses to let the team use it and the players on the team will need to choose another one. If a player tries to put in a forbidden word when trying to solve a puzzle, the text that was put in will be blanked automatically when the final letter of the obscene word is placed, making the player guess again. The forbidden words include the seven dirty words from George Carlin and anatomical references like the word penis. Some inconsistencies are in the game like a****** is not blocked but a** h*** is.

There are two game modes, with the first being Regular Game, where you can play on a team or against the computer. If playing against the computer, or playing with just two people, the game will be played with minigames. Every point that is scored will reveal a piece of the picture being shown. When the minigame is over, the player or players will need to guess the picture based on what you have revealed. If the guess is correct, the player can roll a die which will decide the amount of spaces you can move on the board. The first person to the end wins. If the game is played with teams with two or more, a player will be the designated drawer instead of a computer. You will draw a picture yourself using a controller that the computer pre decided. If correctly guessed, the honor system is used to tell Pictionary if the answer was correct or not.

The Alternative Game is played almost like the Regular Game with the exception of a computer supplying you with an answer. The designated drawer will provide the answer themselves, and both of the teams may try and guess instead of only the drawer’s team guessing. When a round ends, the game will ask which of the teams guessed correctly. There is also the option of choosing Nobody Did between Team 1, 2, 3, and 4. If nobody wins, play will then move to the next team and their designated drawer, with a new round starting. When a team correctly guesses the answer, they can roll the die and proceed the amount of spaces shown along the board. The team to get to the end first will win the game.

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