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Rally Bike NES Game Cartridge

Rally Bike was released for the NES in 1990. Toaplan developed the game and Taito published it. The game was originally released in the arcades in 1988. The version on the NES does not have the same backgrounds and stages, most likely due to the hardware limitations. The x68000 version will follow the arcade’s path, being considered an accurate port. In the game, there is a motorcycle rally that is cross country running from San Francisco all the way into New York. The player’s goal is to work up through racing ranks and try to have a high enough place to qualify into another race. There will be a total of six races for the player to go through. During gameplay, the player’s view will be from bird’s eye. If a player ends up placing among the top ten racers, they will be able to upgrade their bike with better tires or a better engine.

The player will control a motorcycle to try and cross a finish line before a certain amount of bike competitors do. They will need to avoid running into obstacles, vehicles, opposing racers, and running completely empty on gas. While racing, there will be specific areas the player is able to fill up their gas. Stopping to fill up, however, will cause the biking competitors to take an advantage of racing past a player. The competitors will never run empty on gas but are capable of crashing into obstacles which will take them out from racing. A helicopter will occasionally appear and drop items the player can pick up. These items include a helmet that will provide invincibility, a turbo charger giving extra speed, High grade gas that will last longer than the normal gas, extra gasoline, a helper motorcycle that will help the player crash the other racers, and a 1000 point bonus.

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