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Rescue NES Game Cartridge

Rescue: The Embassy Mission was released for the NES in 1989. New Frontier developed the game and Infogrames published it. The game was well received, with Dragon giving it 5 stars out of 5. In the game, a Paris embassy gets overrun by a group of terrorists. The player will take control of a GIGN team of six men to rescue the hostages.

The game will be split into two or three different sections, depending on the version of the game. In section one, the player will need to bring three different men into position to snipe the target building. The men will need to avoid search lights while trying to snipe. They can take cover behind fences, windows, and doorways. They can also crawl, roll, or run. If caught by a search light, the sniper will be shot at and risk being killed. In the second section, the player will enter a building with three other men. This part is linked to section one is some versions. The men will then rappel down the building and choose what room to go into. The snipers from earlier that were positioned can now be used for shooting terrorists through their windows. In section three, the building will need to be searched while shooting down terrorists and finding hostages. Some versions will make the player take them to safe rooms.

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