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Rock n Ball NES game Cartridge

Rock ‘n Ball was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by KID and published by NTVIC. In the NA version, fictional characters that are human are used and not the original Namco characters that are licensed. The characters are four male and two females the player can choose from. There are many gameplay options the player can choose. Some of them are Regular Pinball, which can be played with four players and is similar to the game Rock and Roll, Nineball which has balls knocked to a pattern that is Bingo like, Battle Pinball which is similar to the game Pong instead of a pinball game, and Sports Pinball, which will turn the game into something similar to a hockey or soccer field. Another mode that exists is Battle Flipper.

Three variations exist for Battle Pinball. They are Attack, Bomber, and Thunder. All of these variations will use a special flipper and a special pinball. An example is Bomber mode using a pinball that will explode when a specific time is reached and also turns the player’s target switches into bombs. A switch that is on the right side will activate special effects when in Attack mode.

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