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Space Shuttle NES Game Cartridge

Space Shuttle Project was released for the NES in 1991. Imagineering developed the game and Absolute Entertainment published it. The goal of the game is to try and successfully launch a NASA space shuttle and fly it as the shuttle commander. The gameplay is broke up into minigames.

The player will need to activate the hydrogen and oxygen pumps first and then get extra crew members in the shuttle by a certain time limit. The crew members can be transported to specific parts in the ship when the player moves an elevator down or up while trying to avoid moving bumpers. The player will then need to launch the shuttle successfully into space. This is performed by time events corresponding to certain shuttle launching maneuvers like the separation of the booster rocket. When getting to space, the player will need to complete missions like controlling an astronaut and dodging hazards, making sure to replenish air supply in the tank before the time expires, and trying to deliver components to the correct locations from the International Space Station. A Soviet Union cosmonaut well also need rescuing during the game.

If the player fails to maintain the space shuttle and keep it working properly, the entire mission will fail. Each mission will have a long list of side objectives that will require speed and patience, plus some trial and error. The game manual will include a full system for shuttle guidance. At the end of a mission, the player will need to land the space shuttle using time events corresponding to the landing maneuvers and then finally land at the Edwards AFB. When all six of the missions are finished, the player will be congratulated by George H.W. Bush, who was the US president at the time.

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