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Videomation NES Game Cartridge

Videomation was released for the NES in 1991 and was exclusive to North America. It was developed by FarSight Studios and published THQ. The game will allow a player to create art with a method that is mainly freestyle. It also supports full animation video. Unlike the game Mario Paint that was later released for the SNES, this game will not support mouse use or other components that are external. This will have the player rely on an NES controller to be able to draw the objects. There will be a basic screen that is gray and will be surrounded by some graphic stamps.

The game will use a CHR RAM chip, which is also used inside of other various contemporaneous video games for the NES. There will be thirteen different palette variations and seven kinds of tools, which include the eraser and a variety of geometric shapes, that the player is able to use. Once a palette is chosen, there will be different colors offered to choose from. The colors included are light blue, purple, pink, and turquoise. These colors have also been dithered.

The instruction manual to the game will provide drawing ideas for the player. These include having dinosaurs in a backyard, a race track with cars, jungles with birds flying above, and geometric designs having patches of intense color. There will be no storage for data or an export medium. This means videos and pictures are only able to be saved using a VCR and recording the playback of the display on the NES.

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