Mickey Mousecapade

For all of its eventual Disney classics Capcom certainly got off to a rocky start.  Mickey Mousecapade is a terrible game that more than likely was snatched up to fully exploits their Disney license.  While Capcom would later go on to release a number of consistently excellent platformers it was inevitable that one would be […]

Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse

With the close of the 8-bit era all eyes turned to Capcom to see what they would do with their Disney license.  Sunsoft had already moved on and acquired the Looney Tunes license and begun to release games of varying quality.  The majority of Capcom’s 8-bit releases ranged from excellent to classic.  So it was […]

World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck

  During the great mascot battle of the 16-bit era Mickey Mouse was one of the few to star in some of the most consistently excellent platformers during that period.  It’s hard to believe an icon of his stature would somehow be overlooked but considering the glut of platformers it was bound to happen to […]