Pocky & Rocky

Natsume does it again!  We were still a few years away from losing them to the Harvest Moon bug in 1993 and so it should come as no surprise that Pocky and Rocky rocks like no other.  Cute em ups were all the rage at the time with the likes of Cotton, Magical Chase, and […]

Dragon Fighter

There’s obscure and then there’s the really obscure.  In all of my younger years when I would voraciously devour any and all information about video games I could find I never saw a single review of this game, let alone a preview.  Even on the internet, the home of lost and forgotten games that at […]

S.C.A.T: Special Cybernetic Attack Team

I really wonder if the developers knew what they were doing when they came up with the acronym S.C.A.T.  Sure it’s a bit juvenile to laugh at the name and what it implies but so what?  I can’t help it if it’s funny.  All jokes aside S.C.A.T (which stands for Special Cybernetic Attack Team) is […]