Power Blazer

A long time ago Japan would get the better versions of most games simply by virtue of the fact that the games originally came from there. Many things can and will change during localization however back in the 80s that undeniable fact was taken to the extreme. Sometimes a license has to be stripped (Tokkyū […]

Power Blade 2

  Toward the end of nearly every console’s life a number of hidden gems are released.  Sadly these games go unnoticed because the majority of the console’s user base has moved on.  The NES was no stranger to this phenomenon, and admittedly it’s kind of hard to pay attention to the little buddy when one […]

Power Blade

There’s a section of the gaming population that believe everything that comes from Japan is golden and that US publishers can’t do anything right.  These people are idiots.  It wasn’t often during the 8-bit era that an American publisher would take the initiative to drastically improve an otherwise terrible game that had potential.  In the […]