If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Mario should be blushing red as a beet at this point.  The success of Super Mario Brothers inspired the video game industry to spawn a sea of blatant clones.  Amongst the mascot platformer rush of the 90s Sonic the Hedgehog became the most popular due to […]

Sonic Adventure 2

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog Sega pulled out all of the stops in creating Sonic Adventure 2.  Though their venerable mascot had seen many highs and lows there was a resurgence in popularity due to his previous adventure.  Keen to capitalize on that his second Dreamcast adventure was given all the […]

Sonic Adventure

Somewhere along the way Sonic missed a step.  A slew of lame spinoffs in an attempt to mimic the success Nintendo had achieved with Mario left the plucky Hedgehog with one foot in the mascot grave.  But like a phoenix (corny I know) Sega came out swinging and restored some measure of respect to their […]