Lightening Force

No one will probably ever know why Sega of America renamed the last 16-bit installment of the Thunder Force series but make no mistake: Lightening Force is Thunder Force IV.  As the final game in the venerable series for Sega’s console LF set the bar high and is quite possibly the greatest shooter for the […]

Thunder Force 3

What a difference a year makes.  Thunder Force 2 was a decent but flawed game with boring overhead levels that were merely tolerated to get to the more enjoyable side-scrolling stags.  As a port from the X68000 it was well done but as a game judged on its own merits kind of forgettable.  Even taking […]

Gate of Thunder

For the longest time it’s always been assumed that the video game market cannot support 3 platforms at the same time.  And for a large part of the industry’s history this has been true.  It wasn’t until the sixth generation that we saw the PS2, GameCube, and X-Box coexist for the most part.  Prior to […]