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Adventure Island NES Game Cartridge
Adventure Island was released in North America in 1988 by Hudson Soft and is a side-scrolling platformer. It is an adaptation of the arcade game Wonder Boy, but the Adventure Island sequels have no connection to the Wonder Boy series.

Gamers will take control of Master Higgins, who is on a journey to rescue Princess Leilani. She was kidnapped by a villain called the Evil Witch Doctor, who is also known as King Quiller. There are 32 stages, which break down to eight worlds with four stages each along with four checkpoints per level. At the end of the fourth level of every world, you must defeat a boss to continue into the next world. After defeating the final boss inn the eighth world, you have beaten the game.

Your character has a health gauge with 11 hit points to start out a level. You will lose your health from touching enemies, enemy attacks, or tripping on rocks throughout the path. Falling into water or into a hole will instantly take a life.If a life is lost, you will respawn at the last checkpoint. There are fruits you can retrieve to refill your health bar to a maximum of 13 hit points. You can also get extra lives from a certain amount of points accumulated through the game. Finding a fairy bee, known as Honey Girl, will give you invincibility for fifteen seconds and any enemy you touch will kill them. A special pot which can be found in each stage, will double your stage score. You can also gain the ability to attack when you find a stone ax, which can also be traded for magic fireballs.
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Genre: Platformer, Action and Adventure
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