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Godzilla NES Game Cartridge
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters was released for the NES in 1989 and was published by Toho. A mysterious planet called Planet X one day appears when Neptune and Pluto change their solar system spots, and the creatures inhabiting the planets plan to attack the earth, using monsters from space as their main force of attack. Some of the monsters on the attack force were from Earth. Godzilla and Mothra join forces to protect the earth from the invasion.

There are two characters to play as, which are Mothra and Godzilla. The player will use both of the monsters in turn by choosing the character they want for the  game board that is represented by the planet you are on. You move like chess pieces, and the spaces are hexagons that represent a playable level that is side-scrolling. The four types of zones are jungle, rocky, city, and hyperspace. Fights with Dogora, Matango, and Goten are featured in hyperspace zones. The boards have many monsters from Godzilla movies and some are from other movies made by Toho. The mission is to destroy all the enemies on the board before you go on to the next board. The battles fought are like matches from fighting games. You will fight with either Godzilla or Mothra. Each space you advance, you play a mini side-scrolling level. If you move adjacent to another monster, you engage in a battle. As each stage goes on, more monsters will appear. When Planet X is reached, every monster from previous levels are present beside King Ghidorah. The battles on X have a forty second time limit, but there is no countdown timer.

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Platform: NES
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Genre: Fighting, Side Scroller, Action
Region: NTSC (North America)
Rating: Everyone