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Mighty Bomb Jack NES Game Cartridge

Mighty Bomb Jack was released for the NES in 1987 and was published and developed by Tecmo. It is Bomb Jack’s sequel, another game released back in 1984. The game was also ported to Commodore 64, Atari ST, and Amiga. The player take control of Jack, the main character, and travel through 16 stages that are in a pyramid. The goal is to defeat Belzebut, a demon, and save the royal family, the Pamera’s.

Every level has two parts, which are the action zones and Royal Palace rooms. The design and mechanics of Royal Palace rooms are taken directly from the first game Bomb Jack. The Action Zones are split into several portions, containing power ups mostly within chests, like Might Drinks, Mighty Coins, and money bags. Mighty Coins will allow Jack’s color to change, with each color having different effects. Blue Jack will be able to open treasure chests that are orange. Orange Jack will be able to open all chests just by touching them. Green jack will transform all the enemies on screen to coins for a short 5 seconds. The Mighty Drinks will put 10 seconds back to the game timer. When the player finds a Sphinx inside a treasure chest, it will show the player a secret passage.

The game will try to limit the player from collecting too many items. If 9 or more Mighty Coins or 99 seconds appears on the game timer, the player is sent to the Torture Room. To escape the Torture Room and not die, the player will need to jump a certain amount of times, with the jumps being counted down on screen. When exiting the Torture Room, Jack will automatically lose all his Might coins, the game timer is set back at 60 seconds, and the current level is started back at the start.

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