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R.B.I. Baseball Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

R.B.I. Baseball was released for the NES in 1988 in North America. The original version was released in 1986 for Japan. The game had two sequels for the NES and many ports to other consoles and home computers. It was the first game on a console for the MLBPA to license it, using real MLB players, being different from the other baseball games in the 1980s. However, the MLB itself did not license the game and it could not use team logos or nicknames. Instead, the game had 8 teams that had the city name only. These teams were San Francisco, St Louis, New York, Minnesota, Houston, Detroit, California, and Boston. These teams were first place in their MLB counterpart’s divisions in the 1986 and 1987 seasons. There were also two teams with All-stars, one from the National League and one from the American League. Both teams had veteran players like Andre Dawson, Dale Murphy, and George Brett, with none of these appearing on the regular eight teams. There were also upcoming players on the All-Star teams like Jose Canceco, Kevin Seitzer, Andres Galarraga, and Mark McGwire.

Every player will have different abilities for the game. The hitters abilities will vary in making solid contact, the power the ball is hit with, and running bases speed. The fastest runner is Vince Coleman and he is very hard to catch stealing a base. The pitchers will vary in their pitching speed and how much the player can curve the ball right or left during the pitch. They will also have differences in stamina. When pitchers get tired, the balls that are pitched will slow down and become harder to curve. The two players with the fastest pitching speeds are Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan, while Fernando Valenzuela has great curve ball pitches. Mike Scott will have the most deceptive and sharpest breaking ball. Therefore, the games best pitcher is debatable and depends on how the player uses them. Fielding abilities have no evidence of corresponding to the individual players.

The eight team rosters are pretty accurately simplified representations for the baseball playoff rosters in the respective years the game bases the players from. Every team will have 8 batters to start, 4 players on the bench, two pitchers to start, and two players for relieving them. Any pitcher can be started by the player, but the relievers will have extremely low stamina. If the players uses a pitcher in consecutive games and does not reset the system, the starting pitcher that was used in the last game will become unavailable. The player will need to wait for the game to start before they can substitute a player with a pinch hitter. Pinch hitters can play any of the positions.

Each player’s abilities do not necessarily correspond with statistics that are shown before the player goes up to the mound or when they bat. The stats are in general accurate, with multiple exceptions. Those stats will not change when the game or a series of games are played. A box score will be displayed while the game is played and when the game is done, which will show composite statistics for every team. A batter that is hit with the ball will be credited for a walk. Anyone that reaches a base on errors will get credited for hits while the opposing team will be charged for an error. If a batter is thrown out when trying to run for more bases, not hit will be credited to them.

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