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NES Play Action Football Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

NES Play Action Football was released for the NES in 1990, with TOSE developing the game and Nintendo publishing it. The game has an isometric type view with the game at an angle, making it look 3D. It also allowed a lot of moving objects, all players, to appear on screen at once. Another feature is using digitized voices for certain actions like Touchdown, First Down, and Ready, Set, Hut hut before a play starts. Whenever a football game ends, the Nester, Nintendo Power’s mascot, will appear as the commentator, announcing the winner and loser. The game was also one of the only games that had support for the four controller adapter NES Satellite. It also included cards for 4 players to let teammates choose plays without letting the opponent players. The two players on the same team could look at the plays on the cards and then enter a combination on the screen without the opposing players knowing which play they picked.

There are eight teams from a variety of cities in the game. Because the game didn’t have a license, the original video game only featured the city and not the NFL name of the team, with only the numbers and surnames of the actual players currently playing at that time for corresponding NFL teams for the 1989 season in the NFL. There was a comprehensive set down however to a variety of position specific levels for every depth chart. The teams were Houston, Chicago, New York, Miami, Washington, San Francisco, Denver, and Los Angeles. The virtual console release of the game changed the names of the cities to country names. Houston became U.S.A., New York became Brazil, Washington became England, Denver became Korea, Chicago became China, Miami became Mexico, San Francisco became Italy, and Los Angeles became Japan.

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