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Journey to Silius NES Game Cartridge

Journey to Silius was released for the NES in 1990, with Tokai Engineering developing the game and Sunsoft publishing it. The game was originally going to be based off of The Terminator film from 1984 but the rights for the movie were lost during the development process. Because of this, the storyline and the graphics had to be changed. However, some of the earlier work was still in place, like the boss of the game looking very similar to the terminator in the movie.

The game takes place in the year 0373, based off the new space age calendar. Earth has become overpopulated, leading to higher demand to immigrate to the space colonies. Jon McCray prepared to move to space colony #428 in the SSS which stands for Silius Solar System. Jon is the son of the scientist who was in charge for the development of that space colony. The space station was destroyed by an explosion, killing everyone and destroying any data there. Jay later discovers a floppy disk at his father’s house having information on the the entire SSS colony plans and a message that was personally to him, asking Jay to finish his projects if terrorists destroy the colony. He then sets on a journey to fight to avenge his father’s death and kill the terrorists who destroyed the space colony.

The player takes control of Jay McCray on his mission to destroy the terrorists. The five stages in the game are a space colony ruins, underground concourse, enemy’s hideout, flying spaceship, and factory. You will need to fight through robot enemies and get through security systems to reach the level’s end and fight a stage boss. The player can lie down, but can only aim left or right. The beginning weapon is a handgun, with five other weapons you can find throughout the levels, which include a machine gun, shotgun, homing gun, grenade launcher, and laser rifle. While using one of the five special guns, it will consume your Gun Energy bar and once it is empty, you will revert back to the handgun. Health and ammo can be replenished with capsules dropped from defeating enemies. After the player completes the fifth level, the game will restart from the beginning after the ending.

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