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Heavy Barrel NES Game Cartridge
Heavy Barrel was released in 1987 for multiple consoles, including the NES. It was developed and produced by Data East. A group of terrorists have captured the control complex that is underground for a nuclear missile site. The player’s goal is to sneak into the base where the enemy leader is and kill him.

You begin with a gun that has unlimited ammo and are limited on your supply of grenades. You can upgrade your grenades and weapons with powerups that are located in the levels, either in a crate or in the open. Keys are needed to open the crates. The crates could also have orbs or a piece of a superweapon called the Heavy Barrel, which has six pieces, and is also the name of the game. The superweapon is a cannon that shoots energy and has the capability of killing any enemy with one shot, except the last boss and another that takes two shots. The weapon’s shot is very wide and the firing speed depends on how fast you can press the trigger. The weapon’s use runs out in thirty seconds, which you then go back to our original weapon. It is best used to kill bosses. There are also enough pieces located in the game to build it three times in one game. If there are two players, the player who picks up the sixth piece gets the use of the weapon.

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