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Blaster Master NES Game Cartridge

Blaster Master was released in November of 1988 by Sunsoft for NES. It was originally released in June of 1988 Japan called Cho Wakusei Senki Metafight, which translated in English is Super Planetary War Records: Metafight. Europe later had it released in April of 1991. The game became a series, releasing two sequels and two spin-offs.

The story begins with a guy called Jason and his pet frog Fred. His frog decided to jump out of the fish bowl one day and took off out the front door. After leaving, Fred finds a chest that is radioactive and touches it, which causes him to grow substantially large. A hole opened up in the earth, and Fred and the chest fell into the hole. Jason was trying to grab for Fred but Jason himself fell in the hole while trying to save him. The hole led to an underground cavern, where Jason found a tank called Sophia the 3rd. It was made to fight monsters that live inside the earth. Jason then gets into the tank to go find his frog Fred, and destroy their Plutonium boss leader.

There are two types of gameplay in Blaster Master. The first is the player takes control of the tank Sophia in a platformer style gameplay. You can use your main cannon to attack enemies or with one of the three special weapons that have a limited amount of ammunition. Sophia also has a hover gauge which shows how must thrust is remaining in the tank, and hover capsules can be collected to increase the hover gauge. The second style of gameplay is the top-down view. You will go the labyrinth type levels and destroy enemies while progressing. Jason can move in any direction and has a gun and grenades to defeat the enemies. Upgrades for the gun are available via a gun capsule, but the gun degrades if Jason is hit. There are also vehicle upgrades once you defeat bosses.

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