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Star Trek 25th Anniversary Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary was released for the NES in 1992. Interplay developed the game and Ultra Games published it. The game starts with the USS Enterprise approaches Sigma Iotia II. The Enterprise is then confronted by a space time tear that sends the ship to a place in space unknown. While trying to escape, the ship’s dilithium crystals, which are needed for traveling at the warp speed, all have fused together and become useless. The Enterprise has been trapped in an orbit that is decaying above a planet unknown. Spock then detects a small amount of some dilithium crystals located on the unknown planet. Once finding the crystals, the Enterprise will still need to go back to the Federation space while stopping for improved crystals for continuing the journey, then figure out what is causing the space time tear, and then fix it.

The gameplay will be split into two separate parts, which will take place on the ship and the away missions. While being on the ship’s bridge, the player will be able to communicate to the other ships, call a map for navigating the ship when the Enterprise’s warp engines get fixed, enter the battle mode and find the other ships which happens not so often, save your game, or beam to a planet surface. The away missions will make up a major part of gameplay and will play a lot like other games that are action adventure. The player can talk to some aliens, find objects and use them, solve some puzzles, and fight hostile lifeforms. The away missions or battles with the other ships are played like a shooter fashion style of gameplay.

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