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Operation Wolf Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

Operation Wolf was released for the NES in 1989 and was originally an arcade game released in 1987. The game was published and developed by Taito. This was a shooter game that was one of the first to have a storyline, having similarities to real Spec Ops missions. The player will take control of Roy Adams, a Special Forces Operative. The goal of Operation Wolf is to find and save five hostages inside a concentration camp. There are six stages total in the game. The first is Communication Setup, the second is the Jungle, the third is the Village, the fourth is Powder Magazine, the fifth is the Concentration Camp, and the sixth is the Airport. The story will advance upon completing each stage like when completing the Jungle, a leader of the enemies will be interrogated and the concentration camp’s location is found.

To complete a stage, the player will need to shoot soldiers, helicopters, armored cars, and boats that the game will require per stage. The soldiers will throw knives and grenades and the vehicles will launch rackets and shoot missiles. Grenades and ammunition for the players are limited but more stock can be found by shooting crates and barrels or animals like pigs and chickens. A machine gun will appear occasionally as a power up which will give the player infinite ammunition an increase in their fire rate. This will last 10 seconds.

Each of the six stages are unique. The Communication Setup stage can be important due to that until the stage is finished, all the other stages will increase their enemy counts, with the increase persisting through many operations. Completing the Jungle stage will allow the player to have access to the Concentration Camp level. If the player completes the Village stage, it will heal the player greatly, while other stages will heal the player only slightly. The Powder Magazine stage will completely fill the player’s grenades and ammo to the max once completed. During the Airport stage, the player will need to fight off enemies attacking while the hostages go toward the hatch of a plane going down a runway. When completing this stage, the player will get a bonus depending on the amount of hostages saved that board the airplane and the amount of stages that have been played. A new operation will start with more enemies than before. If the Powder Magazine stage was not completed, two helicopters in the Airport stage are added, and if the Village stage was not completed, the stage will have two armored cars added.

When the game is set on the English language, the stages in the game will always appear in the order stated above. This will mean the effects of the first couple stages are useless since the same amount of enemies will be seen in all the stages. When the game is set on Japanese, the first four stages are the only available stages and the player will be able to select any of those stages, which will allow more strategy for the player based on their progress. A damage bar is displayed on the screen that will increase every time the player is hit. It will also increase when a hostage or civilian is shot. When an energy boost appears, the player can shoot it, decreasing their damage five points. If the player is hit too many times or if their grenades and ammo runs out, the game will end.

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