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Destination Earthstar NES Game Cartridge
Destination Earthstar was released in 1990 for the NES and was developed by Imagineering and published by Acclaim. It is a side scrolling and first person space shooter. The story is about some random amount of humans were imprisoned by aliens and used for slave work. After some time, the humans earn freedom and the benefit to live with the alien race as equals. The children of these humans form a group and send a volunteer into space hoping to somehow find Earth again.

Your character’s view is from the cockpit of the spaceship you are controlling. The goal is to search a grid displayed on the screen searching for enemies to annihilate and to go to other planets to refuel energy and reload your ammo for your weapons. The two weapons available at the start is a Ruby Laser that has rapid zapping power but has a possibility of overheating. If overheated, the player will need to wait for cool down to fire again. The second weapon is a Neutron Torpedo that is three times stronger than the laser, but with limited ammunition. Two more weapons are available as you play through the levels. One of the two is an Argon Blaster, which shoots acid. The other of the two is the Heat Seeker, which tracks the enemy objects with special sighting mechanisms. A number appears whenever the player destroys all the enemies on the display grid. The number is the amount of enemies that are located in that specific quadrant of the grid. When destroying many enemies, you will go to planet B, which is the enemy base. Your view then changes to side scrolling after a cut scene, and you can shoot forward and backwards

Platform: NES
Players: 1
Condition: Used
Genre: Shooter
Region: NTSC (North America)
Rating: Everyone