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To the Earth NES Game Cartridge

To the Earth was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Cirque Verte and published by Nintendo. The game will use the Zapper Gun for the controller and the player will try to destroy enemy ships and obtain power ups. It will require fast reflexes and great aiming because the enemy ships will be extremely agile and really difficult to hit.

The game’s objective will be to destroy the incoming enemy ships, missiles, asteroids, bombs, etc. while trying not to destroy friendly vessels. Also because of the enemy ships being so quick, this game has been considered one of the hardest Zapper Gun games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.The player’s shield of the ship they are commanding goes down constantly every time they take a shot at the enemy and then miss. The player also has the ability of using a strong bomb that will destroy everything on the screen, shoot at a comet that will give them a power up granting them protection temporarily for a certain amount of hits, and pick up an item that repairs their shield that are dropped by friendly spacecrafts.

There are game bosses at every level’s end that the player will need to fight while traveling throughout the Solar System. once Earth is reached, the player will need to fight and destroy Nemesis, which is the game’s final boss. The player’s goal is retrieving medicine vials and then deliver them to planet Earth while trying to prevent Nemesis from getting through the atmosphere. The locations of the levels in order will be Uranus, then the planet Saturn, then Jupiter, and then Earth, the last level. When the player completes the game, Nester, the terrestrial federation’s president, will give the player a message of congratulations.

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