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Gradius NES Game Cartridge

Gradius was published and developed by Konami in 1985 as an arcade game, then coming to the NES in 1986. The arcade version was released under the title Nemesis, with the later releases going back to the original name. Both the NES and arcade versions of the game have been in many game compilations. It’s the first of many Gradius games, which the player controls a spaceship called Vic Viper and defend yourself from aliens.

Gameplay begins with Vic Viper being slow and a not so powerful gun, but can gain better capabilities by getting power ups throughout the levels. Unlike other games having specific power up items that give you a specific upgrade, Gradius only has one power up. You use these power ups to have your menu at the bottom of the screen advance the selected item. When the power up that is wanted is highlighted, you can press the power up button to obtain it, resetting the bar back to the beginning.

The game became known for the phrase Destroy the Core, as the main goal during boss fights would be to destroy blue spheres in the center of large spacecrafts. The boss designs were made to have a straight pathway located on the exterior of the large spacecraft which would lead straight to a core. The player will need to shoot into the pathways while avoiding attacks from the boss. In the pathway are walls that will need to be destroyed before you can damage one of the cores. Some bosses can regenerate the walls. When the boss takes enough damage, the core will change color to red, meaning it’s in bad condition and will be destroyed with a few more hits. When a core is destroyed, a part of the boss could possibly go out of commission. Once all the cores are destroyed, the boss will explode. Organic bosses will have a head, mouth, or an eye to attack. This game, like others created by Konami, has the Konami code, which in this game would give you multiple power ups at the start of the game.

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