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Duck Hunt NES Game Cartridge

Duck Hunt was released for the NES in 1985 and was published and developed by Nintendo. It was launched with the NES in North America. Players will need the Zapper controller to shoot down ducks that will appear on the game screen. The ducks can show up just one on screen or two on screen simultaneously. Points are accumulated for shooting ducks and if the amount of ducks required are shot, you will go to the next round. If not, it is game over. Before the NES release, there was a game called Laser Clay Shooting System released back in 1976. Duck Hunt was later made into a two in one game cartridge alongside Super Mario Bros, with World Class Track Meet coming along late to make a three in one cartridge.

The objective of Duck Hunt is shooting enough ducks to move into the next round while accumulating points. It is in first person and the player will be using the Zapper gun made by Nintendo, in which a player will aim at the screen and fire. There are ten total targets to shoot in every round. The amount of targets on the screen will depend on the mode selected before beginning the game, and the player is given three shots to shoot the ducks, whether it be one duck or two ducks on the screen. The game will progressively get harder as you move onto more rounds, with the ducks moving faster and the amount of ducks needed to shoot down to go to the next round will increase. Bonus points are accumulated for shooting all ten ducks in one round. The highest score is kept for the games played in one sitting. Turning the system off will lose all scores.

There are three modes in Duck Hunt to play. The modes are Game A, Game B, and Game C. In Game A and B, ducks are the targets, and the player is in a woods type area. One duck appears on screen in mode A while two will appear in mode B. Also in mode A, an NES controller can put plugged into the second port to have another player control the duck. The game will start in Round 1 and will continue to Round 99. After Round 99, Round 0 will appear. This kill screen round will have the ducks behave erratically, with their movement being haphazardly and eventually not appearing at all, and then ends. In mode C, clay pigeons are the targets that are shot and eventually disappear in the background.

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