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Day Dreamin Davey NES Game Cartridge

Day Dreamin’ Davey was released for the NES in 1992 and uses an overhead third person view. The game plot is about a younger boy with the name Davey that day dreams a lot in school.

Te player can choose to begin a new game or continue with a password. If the player loses, the screen will flash a split moment and Davey will utter Bummer as he dies. Though not considered an RPG, there are characters in the game to talk with that might give Davey some items or some might just chat. There are also certain sections of the game where Davey will need to shoot a gun out of an enemies’ hand. The player will have the choice of using the Zapper gun controller or the regular NES controller.

Davey will go through events at school that causes him to start day dreaming. The first experience happens when Lumpy, the school bully, takes his pencil, causing him to day dream about him being in the time period Middle Ages, searching for a lance as knight fighting enemies. The lance in real life is his pencil. Another day dream has him going to sleep during his art class after being told by the teacher to draw. A third day dream has him going to sleep during a lecture on Greek civilization, taking him to the ancient Greek times. These stages will repeat through the game.

The goal is to retrieve specific items, all in the shape of real life items from school like the lance and pencil and a trophy being the Holy Grail. Every weapon in the time period the player visits is specific. The Wild West stages will have whips and guns while lances and swords are the weapons when playing the Medieval period in Europe. Every time period also has a projectile weapon along with a melee weapon. The Ancient Greek character is based out of Greek mythology and doesn’t use actual Greek history people like Socrates, Plato, or Aristotle.

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