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Bad Dudes NES Game Cartridge

Bad Dudes is a beat’em up game that was released for the Nintendo in 1990 by the company Data East. It is a port of the classic arcade game Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja that was released in 1988. The game is set in New York City, and the villain DragonNinja has kidnapped the President of the United States Ronnie. A secret service agent then approaches two guys named Blade and Striker, the two protagonists of the game, asking them if they are bad enough dudes to rescue the President. The two Bad Dudes agreed, and pursued the DragonNinja starting at the city streets. They then go through the highway, sewers, transport train, forest, cave, and then into the secret base.

The game is two players, with player one controlling Blade and player two controlling Striker. Both players can do punches, kicks, and jumps to defeat their enemies. You can also do some special moves like spinning kicks or a charged punch that has short range, but is very powerful. Power ups are also scattered throughout the levels. Those can include weapons, health recharge, or a power up that adds some time back to your clock. Knives and nunchucks are two types of weapons, but they both have pros and cons. Each enemy has a different type of attack. Blue ninjas will charge at the player, leap with a sword, or throw a weapon like a shuriken. Attack dogs and ninja women are also enemies. At the end of each level is a boss that will need to be defeated to progress through the game, with each boss having their own type of special attack.

There are also multiple references and cameos in the game. The President Ronnie is based on former President Ronald Reagan. The secret service agent that approaches Blade and Striker at the beginning of the game resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie The Terminator. Another one is The first boss Kornov cameos from the Data East game with the same name while the theme fighting him resembles the main theme of the game Kornov. Also at the end of each level, Blade and Striker both strike a "bad" pose and then say "I’m bad!", which is a reference to the Michael Jackson song Bad, which at the time was recently released.

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